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Post lockdown anxiety advice

Are you feeling anxious about life after lockdown? With lockdown restrictions being slowly lifted are you worried about how to cope? You may have Coronaphobia! Lockdown has been a different experience for each and every one of us.  Some will have relished the opportunity to relax, spend time with family, do all those jobs you [...]

Self care after lockdown

How has lockdown been going for you?  Have you stopped looking after yourself, feeling unmotivated? NOW, with the sun shining and some of the lockdown restrictions being lifted, is the time to take positive steps to improve your health, both physically and mentally. What is self care? We all need to look after ourselves and [...]

Rainbows: Gratitude and Positivity

“If you want to see a rainbow you have to learn to see the rain.” Paul Coelho Certainly over the last few weeks, due to the many NHS rainbows that are currently on display as a message of gratitude from the nation, I have come to contemplate the meaning of this Paul Coelho quote in [...]

Show Kindness during this difficult time

I recently came cross this on Facebook and it resonated with me.  People are dealing with so much on an emotional, physical and mental level at the moment during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Lockdown has taken its toll on us all in some shape or form, but it is important to remember that we all have [...]

Gentle opening of the Luck’s Yard Clinic

We have all missed you during this enforced break and look forward to being able to be of service again. We have been waiting for our respective professional bodies to give us guidelines as to when we could safely open again and how and now feel we can re-open, albeit gently for patients. The clinic [...]

Do you have a lockdown neck pain?

Without a doubt, the most common problems I have come across during lockdown are associated with working from home for both adults and students. The second issue has been around suddenly doing gardening or DIY after the winter. I have worked with individuals who have had to move their offices, battling with the rest of [...]

Resetting your routine during lockdown

Strange times….if someone had told you that the world would be lockdown this year, you probably wouldn’t have believed them – we certainly wouldn’t have! For most, our lives have changed drastically overnight.  Working from home, essential travel only, home schooling, face masks and gloves, supermarket shortages and queues – the list goes on! Our [...]

Poor sleep during the Covid19 pandemic?

In this article Mammoth Mattresses offer advice on how to get a better nights’ sleep and our therapist Alero Jenkins offers an essential oil recipe to improve sleep during Covid-19 and beyond. Things feel very up in the air right now, and this uncertainty is affecting the way we sleep. The coronavirus pandemic has had [...]

Protecting the Immune System

Your immune system defends you against the viruses such as those that cause colds and flu. If you want to boost your immune health, you may wonder how to help your body fend off illness. This can be easier said than done, but there are several ways you can help – with some simple dietary [...]

Luck’s Yard Lockdown Lifestyle

As you know, sadly the clinic has temporarily closed its doors during this lockdown period.  These are unprecedented times, where we are all earning to adapt to a new lifestyle. So what have the therapists from Luck's Yard Clinic been up to? How are they coping?  Here is glimpse into their lives which we hope [...]

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