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Tone, Mariana, Nic, Vanessa

Open: Monday to Saturday

COVID-19 price list and timings.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have changed our consultation and pricing structure.  The new patient consultation is now in 2 parts: there is an initial 20 minute online consultation followed by a 40 minute face to face consultation. The cost is £84 and is payable in full when the first appointment is booked.

Chiropractic New patient online consultation (20 mins) and face to face consultation (up to 40mins)
Chiropractic follow up in house consultation (up to 20mins)
Chiropractic online consultation (up to 20mins)
Chiropractic NHS discount (20mins)
Chiropractic follow up NHS discount (20mins)
Chiropractic Special needs discount 0-16 yrs
Chiropractic new baby case history (online) donations to the Wellbeing Garden


Yvette, Pippa and Katherine

Available: Thurs 8.45am-6pm/Fri 8am to 1.30pm

Changes to booking appointments for Podiatry at Luck’s Yard: For future appointments, amendments and cancellations please call 01483 310298 and one of their receptionists will assist you.

Bookings will no longer be done via Luck’s Yard Reception.

Please visit Yvette Mann Podiatry’s recently updated website on www.yvettemannpodiatry.co.uk  where you will  receive up to date podiatry news as well as the option of online booking.



Available: Wednesday 9-1pm, 45 minute appointments

45 Minute treatments



Available: Thursdays 10am – 6pm (from 1st October) and Fridays 10am – 6pm

45-minute Treatment


Melissa Carter


Saturdays term time only

9.30 am first appointment

3.00 pm last appointment

(4.00 pm Emergency appointment if necessary)

From October 2020

Initial Consultations:

(Includes Parent Consultation, Child/Teen Meeting and Written Feedback)

Coaching Fees starting from £85 per hour