Swedish deep tissue massage testimonials

We recently installed a white board in Reception so patients could let us know how they felt after their care at the clinic. We have had so many lovely comments across all the therapies and we are so grateful for everyone’s feedback!

Here are some of their lovely comments:

  • I felt happy – patient aged 6 (Mariana chiropractic)
  • Tone is the best chiro
  • Never had such a wonderful treatment and so thorough (Tone chiropractic)
  • Great! Thank you Tone (chiropractic)
  • No more headaches, life without pain (Mariana chiropractic)
  • I feel taller (chiropractic)
  • I feel lighter (chiro)
  • Rob is a genius (massage)
  • Released! Thank you Mike (chiropractic)
  • Thank you (sports rehab)
  • To be able to move without pain! (chiropractic)
  • I feel great! (chiropractic)
  • I feel so much better already (chiro)
  • I’m light as a feather – Tone has fabulous fingers (chiropractic)
  • Already feeling much better
  • Wonderful! Delightful!
  • I feel smooth and relaxed
  • Pain free after one appointment with Mariana (chiropractic)
  • I am unlocked (chiropractic)
  • Thank you Tone for mobilising my foot – feels as if you’ve given me a new one! (chiropractic)
  • Thank you for putting my back together again Tone (chiropractic)
  • As always, Tone has helped me feel cared for and inspired (chiropractic)
  • Happy and better
  • I feel good
  • Amazing
  • Always feel good after a treatment, Tone has improve things a lot (chiropractic)
  • Tone makes me feel good (chiro)
  • Tone is unwinding me and straightening me out one crunch at a time and it feels liberating! (chiropractic)
  • I feel afterwoods (sic) that I have soopar (sic) powers!
  • Sophie is brilliant – she understands the issues and tailors treatment – made me an acupuncture convert (sports rehab/acupuncture)
  • Walking on air! (podiatry)
  • A weight has been lifted (chiropractic)
  • Tone takes 10 years off my body! (chiropractic)
  • Mike made my bones feel great (chiropractic)
  • Mariana has kept me moving for the last 2 years (chiropractic)
  • Mike is amazing and fantastic with little people! (chiropractic)

I wish I’d contacted them years ago.  And I am so to be a regular there now!  I have chiropractic with Tone and have regular massages with both massage therapists. Tone runs a holistic, highly professional, very personalised caring business.  Don’t hesitate to contact them as I did – just call – the helpful receptionists will do their best to get you an appointment as soon as possible.

Wow, a new experience in Chiropractic and massage.  What a wonderful place with such genuinely lovely people.  My mental stresses and physical pains are hugely improved with the treatments provided.

Katherine Thompson

“Robert Rusak is a very gifted healer. I would never have believed how much a massage would help with my longstanding pain problems – more, in fact, than several much more invasive treatments at a pain clinic. He knows every muscle and ligament in the body and understands exactly how much or how little pressure to use for each individual. I strongly recommend him for pain problems, especially those involving muscular tension.”

Amanda Thomson

“Robert is, without doubt, the single best massuer I have ever found. Not only is his technique intense, powerful and effective, he combines it with an insightful and spiritual understanding of the underlying issues. In my first session he could see exactly why I had got to the point where I needed his help – and was very forthcoming about some of the choices I needed to make for a longer term solution.”

Vanessa L.