How has lockdown been going for you?  Have you stopped looking after yourself, feeling unmotivated? NOW, with the sun shining and some of the lockdown restrictions being lifted, is the time to take positive steps to improve your health, both physically and mentally.

What is self care?

We all need to look after ourselves and care for ourselves, love ourselves –  because we can’t rely on anyone else to do it for us! 

Self care helps improve focus, energy levels and productivity.  It also supports healthy emotional wellbeing and can reduce anxiety and stress and has never been more important as it is during this difficult time.

Lucks Yard top ten tips to promote self care

  1. Focus on your diet – fresh, seasonal foods and reducing sugar, caffeine and alcohol. For some ideas of how to boost your immune system, check out our recent blog.
  2. Exercise – now some restrictions have been lifted and the sun is shining, why not visit a local National Trust parkland or local footpaths near you – walking in nature is so good for you!  Cycling has become more popular and is accessible to all ages and levels.  Or why not try wild swimming – it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get fit at the same time!
  3. Remove or reduce social media and watching the news – taking time out from these can reduce your anxiety levels and you then focus on more self care.
  4. Start a new hobby or interest or project.  This could be a craft, reading, writing, gardening, learning an instrument, painting, photography…. The possibilities are endless. The sense of purpose and achievement can be wonderful.
  5. Meditation and mindfulness – keeping your mind in the present can reduce anxiety, negativity and stress and help calm your mind and body.  Visit for ideas and help.
  6. Gratitude journal – This is a diary of things you feel grateful for in your life and can be useful to help you focus on the positive things.
  7. Time with friends and family – keep in touch, keep communicating.  Sharing your day, your feelings and thoughts can be healthy and supportive.
  8. Share the load – if you feel you are doing everything around the home – it’s time to delegate – why not ask you children or partner to do the dishwasher, walk the dog and put the rubbish out?
  9. Routine – a simple routine really helps keep us grounded and feel in control, this can reduce stress levels.
  10. Have fun!!  Whatever you do, take time to smile, laugh out loud, listen to your favourite music, dance in the sunshine, enjoy the moment,  – this is the best self care!