The Green Hub garden at Luck’s Yard is a therapy garden initiative, based in Milford Surrey, with the aim of promoting wellbeing of teenagers’ mental health in the sanctuary of a secluded walled garden behind Luck’s Yard Clinic. The garden initiative was going live at Easter, but due to the lockdown this has been on hold, but we have still be working away in the background doing fundraising.


At the beginning of June, we were overwhelmed when Phoebe and her mother Sarah brought us all of these wonderful plants. They were cultivated by a couple during lockdown and wanted them to go to a worthy cause. Phoebe thought of our garden project for teens and drove over to Farnborough to pick it up for us. How kind and how thoughtful. 💗 Thank you sooo much.



During lockdown we have also raised over £600 towards the Green Hub Project for teens at Luck’s Yard with our telehealth consultations. We have since easing of lock-down been given some super help from two local teen volunteers to get the garden back on track again. It has been lovely to see the garden being tended again.

We now have a new book at Luck’s Yard called the Heroes of Luck’s Yard and thoughts on how to live an anti-inflammatory life style. All proceeds will go towards the garden and the book can be purchased from reception – online downloadable edition coming soon!

Public Health

Back in late April, Tone had the honour of presenting a webinar on zoom 130 chiropractors for the Royal College of Chiropractors together with Dr. Triska from the Witley and Milford survey. They talked about the role of chiropractors in public health and our journey over the last 12 months setting up the Green Hub Project for teens.

New Garden Design

We are also very excited as we have a young designer age ten called Joseph who is creating the new garden lay out for us. Joseph lives in Herefordshire and has designed gardens for others for many years.

Mental health issues affect around 1 in 10 young people and children. It is well known that spending time in green spaces and bringing nature into everyday life positively transforms mental and physical wellbeing – without a doubt this will be needed more than ever with knock on effect that lockdown will have had on teen mental health.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our local community and to everybody who has made donations – do keep them coming! Every seed holds the promise of a healthy life.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of our Green Hub Project, on our website Instagram and Facebook posts.

Would you like to help us?

They are always looking for more volunteers who would like to help.  Everyone who works on this project does this voluntarily and all proceeds from workshops will go towards the garden project as well

If you email Tone at she can put you in touch with one of our project managers to get you involved.