Wild Swimming – Take the Plunge!

“Swimming is simply moving meditation.”  Cesar Nikko Caharian There has been a great deal of good press recently about wild swimming.  Lockdown has raised its profile, which is excellent news!  What better way to exercise than in the fresh air with nature surrounding you? It’s exhilarating, refreshing, uplifting, fun and free! The health benefits of [...]

Support your immune health

As we approach autumn and winter it is worth thinking about how we can support our immune systems to give us the best chance of good health over the next few months. Many people say that during lockdown their diets went a bit haywire and of course stress can have a big impact on the [...]

Boost your immunity with nature’s help

In our August newsletter I wrote about the wonderful berries that we can gather for free at this time of year. Tone has been busy in the kitchen making elderberry syrup to help boost immunity during the winter months. I came across this nice recipe which uses honey instead of sugar as a sweetener and [...]

The Healing power of Nature

If you have been able to get out and about in Nature recently have you noticed the effect it can have on your general sense of wellbeing?  Do you feel calmer, less stressed, more grounded and with an enhanced sense of wellbeing? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ (and I hope [...]

Dancing in the rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” As we meander through August, away from the fiery heat, through the thunder and lightning, into the soothing coolness, I am mindful of just how much the weather can mirror our own life experiences. However we wish to [...]

Lockdown legs

Since lockdown  it has been interesting to see what kind of complaints people are attending the clinic for.  The most common has been ‘lockdown neck’ due to so many now working or studying from home (link)  which we wrote about in an earlier blog. We are also now seeing many patients with new leg complaints. [...]

Blackberries – there for the picking

Not a lot has gone right this year but one thing that has carried on regardless on is Nature in all her wonderful bounty. The warm Spring weather brought forth clouds of blossom on fruiting trees and shrubs and we are now reaping the rewards. The blackberries are wonderful at the moment – great big [...]

Action for Happiness course

10 Keys to Happier Living Action For Happiness Course online Guildford Group A new Action for Happiness course (10 Keys to Happier Living) has been launched for the Guildford area. Jointly volunteer run by Amanda Weller and co-leader Lara Doherty, and free to join, each monthly meeting will focus on a separate theme.   August, for example, [...]

Summer Superfood – Beetroot

Tone recently posted a photo of some homegrown beetroot on her Facebook page to share with her friends and family.  The pleasure of growing your own fruit and vegetables from home is heart warming – all the hard work that goes in to preparing the ground, nurturing the seedlings, protecting them from frost and insects [...]

Top Tips for Working from Home

These tips are for anyone working from home or wishing to set up from home. Provided with thanks by Healthy Home and Office based in Guildford. Recent Coronavirus developments have led to many organisations asking staff to work from home. Usually this should be done with plenty of change planning, but in this case there [...]

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