We are celebrating Nic’s 10 years with Luck’s Yard

It is 10 years since Nic joined Luck's Yard Clinic to cover for Mariana's maternity leave and when she came back, he stayed on to become an integral member of the Chiropractic team. Nic has a particular leaning to how the muscular system affects joint and mechanical function and pain. He uses a combination of western [...]

Health advice to help deal with exam stress

With GCSEs, A levels and dissertations deadlines just around the corner, exam season is nearly here. But are today’s teenagers more stressed than ever before? At Luck’s Yard in Milford Surrey we thinks they are. Tone Tellefsen Hughes, Chiropractor and owner of the clinic, is providing advice and treatment for more and more teenagers who [...]

Beautiful Summer skin

So many tips that we think of for good diet and general health are also perfect for ensuring your skins always looks vibrant and healthy too. Here are Nutritional Therapist, Pippa Mitchell's top tips for healthy looking skin this summer... Keep your body clean from the inside out! What you need to do: Start the day [...]

Time to get your feet summer ready!

Yvette Mann has some great advice to support your foot health in the months ahead …… Which are the best sandals to help support the feet? This is a very frequently asked question, as for most of us flip flops are difficult to walk in for any length of time because they are so flat [...]

“Compared to you – how am I enough?”

Neuropsychologists and researchers looking at the effect of positive psychology tools have found that a significant number of us do not feel as if we are enough.  This deficit manifests in health symptoms and negative behaviours - being one of the main contributors to lack of self-belief, lack of confidence and lack of personal growth. [...]

The allergy season is here again ……

That warm spell of weather at the end of February has brought on the tree pollens with a vengeance which may be great for birds and bees but not so fun for those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies. An allergy is an oversensitivity to a substance either eaten, inhaled or touched.   Symptoms [...]

My sustainability blog

I have always tried to do my bit for sustainability – recycling whatever waste I can either at home or at the dump, composting my veg peelings etc but I have tried to make a conscious effort to expand this into other areas of my life. As part of Luck’s Yard 2019 theme of sustainability [...]

Aroma Hub at Luck’s Yard

We are very excited to be hosting our first Aroma Hub at Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford, on Saturday 23rd March at 2.30pm (cost £5).  It will run as a regular meeting place for our local community. We, Ruth Wheeler and Sophie Price and our team will introduce our 10 core dōTERRA Oils that make [...]

Harry’s Personal Best

Some of you may remember that for many years the Luck's Yard Team has been supporting a young local athlete, Harry Boyd. We are delighted report that he has won a Bronze Medal this weekend at The English Athletics Indoor Championships in Sheffield.  He ran the 800m Under 20's Mens Race in a time of [...]

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