Mellow mango smoothie from the Green Hub

It’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October. To show our support we’ve created a delicious, Mellow Mango smoothie loaded with goodies. Try this healthy recipe for a sunnier start to your day! #WorldMentalHealthDay: The Green Hub Project for Teens supports World Mental Health Day – 10 October. If you are – or someone you [...]

The why, what, when and where in chiropractic

The word WHY Is one of the big words in chiropractic. As practitioners we want to understand WHY your body is behaving in a certain way. We want to go BEYOND the symptoms of pain, aches, stiffness, pins and needles and weakness, and figure out HOW it happened in the first place. We are very [...]

Super blue berries

Reseachers have reviewed over 1000 studies looking into the benefits of supplementing with anthocyanins  - a type of flavonoid found in almost all fruits and vegetables but are particularly high in berry fruits. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits– which are considered to helpful in lowering the risk of cognitive decline. [...]

Updated Clinic procedures

Luck’s Yard clinic is fully up and running with all our therapists holding clinics as usual. We no longer require patients to complete COVID consent forms but ask you to continue to be mindful for your own safety, those of other patients and clinic staff. We will be updating this page as and when the [...]

Activity, Exercise and Wellbeing in Children and Young People

Melissa Carter, our Family Life Coach has written a great article about the importance of exercise and activity for our mental health. In February 2020, research published in Lancet Psychiatry found that 60 minutes of activity each day at age 12 was linked to an average 10% reduction in depression at age 18. These activities [...]

Green Hub awarded funding from Godalming Town Council

The Green Hub Project for Teens has been awarded £5000 in funding from Godalming Town Council, in their recent of review of applications. The funds awarded will be used to finance life skills workshops for teens, as well as paying for tools and materials for supporting teens in the Green Hub garden. The award of [...]

Channel your inner Olympian!

Despite all the COVID restrictions the Olympians wowed us with their talent and strength and hopefully many of us will be inspired by them to reacquaint ourselves with our exercise regimes or maybe take up a new sport altogether. Having a regular exercise regime has been shown to be extremely beneficial to all ages and [...]

Mike adds Thursday mornings from September

We are pleased to say that Mike Marinus is adding a Thursday morning clinic from 9th September. He will be available from 9am to 1pm Thursdays and will continue his Saturday clinic from 9am to 4pm. You can book appointments online or via Reception on 01483 527945.

Mike Marinus hits the ground running!

Our new chiropractor Mike Marinus has hit the ground running and is getting booked up on Saturdays with a growing list of patients. He brings a wealth of experience in paediatric chiropractic but sees patients of all ages. When Tone goes on holiday later in July, Mike will be covering some of her clinics during [...]

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