What a busy summer for all!

Due to the heat wave , I have been kept busy with nail fungal analysis and advice as well as general foot care to keep our summer feet comfortable and pretty looking! Please be aware that I now carry out a very simple and quick nail analysis test in clinic which clearly determines whether [...]

ChiroGlobal in aid of World Spine Day 2018

Introduction to ChiroGlobal My name is Tilda Hughes, I'm seventeen years old and the daughter of two chiropractors Chiropractic has always been a huge part of my life, ever since I was young - especially since both of my parents work within that field - but it has only really been in the last [...]

You’ve only got one brain – use it or lose it!

If you thought retirement was about putting your feet up and reading the paper, then think again! A large British study that tracked 3,400 retired civil servants showed that brain function declines rapidly unless you ensure you have an active retirement. Researchers warned that a sedentary lifestyle after working took a heavy toll on cognitive [...]

Text Neck

We have written several blogs in the past about ‘text neck’ and a new study published in the National Library of Medicine is a timely reminder of the impact that this phenomenon can have on our health. Bad posture can put up to 60lb (almost 27kg) of pressure on the upper spine – sometimes for [...]

Surrey Teen Summit

Surrey Teen Summit- How to use Olympic strategies for everyday life. The Surrey Teen Summit is proud to present a three part series called 'How to use Olympic strategies for managing everyday life.' We have invited Paralympian Rachel Morris MBE and performance psychologist Miranda Banks to facilitate this brand new workshop in alliance with Tone [...]

Sarah Vickery, Health Coach joins us in September

We are delighted to announce the we will be having a Health Coach join the team in September. Sarah Vickery is a health coach who combines her analytical experience as an engineer with a uniquely creative approach, to help you make impactful health changes and keep it fun. You likely know what you should do, [...]

Anti-inflammatory foods for good health

Both Tone and myself have an interest in inflammation in the body and the profound effect it can have on our wider health - on digestive function, our cardiovascular system, immunity and in the brain. We have both written blogs on this and for my part I am very interested in the effect inflammation has [...]

How to live a long and happy life

Some years ago I came across an article which talked about areas around the world where people lived longer and were generally healthier. I remember being struck by the fact that their longevity was not dependent on their financial situation; their education or what kind of job they had. It was, however, linked to how [...]

Luck’s Yard Hero: Annita von Haselberg

Continuing on from our Active Aging article we published at the end of last year (https://www.lucksyardclinic.com/active-ageing/), we thought it would be fun to share the reflections and ideas of some of our patients this year, who are over 60 – our Luck’s Yard Heroes. They inspire us each week in the clinic with their wit [...]

Karin Sigrell – our Swedish Luck’s Yard Hero

We are continuing our  active aging this year, and this month’s Hero of Luck’s Yard is Tone's own mother Karin Sigrell. She encouraged Tone to become a chiropractor and she has received chiropractic herself since the 1970’s. Tone says: "I wanted to introduce her story as she epitomises what ‘Blue Zones’ stands for in so [...]

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