Karin Sigrell – our Swedish Luck’s Yard Hero

We are continuing our  active aging this year, and this month’s Hero of Luck’s Yard is Tone's own mother Karin Sigrell. She encouraged Tone to become a chiropractor and she has received chiropractic herself since the 1970’s. Tone says: "I wanted to introduce her story as she epitomises what ‘Blue Zones’ stands for in so [...]

SOS for your summer skin

The last few days have seen warnings issued by the Met office and the government regarding the heat wave and how to stay safe in the sun. By now we should all be aware of the health benefits of some sun exposure – helping to top up our Vitamin D levels – and the downsides [...]

Luck’s Yard paediatric care

As you may know Luck's Yard already provides paediatric occupational therapy, chiropractic, podiatry for all ages, and counselling for patients from the age of 12 through to adults. As of July we are proud to share a new service called 'Kids Coaching'. Melissa Carter aka 'Coach Carter', is joining our team to coach children and teens. I [...]

Instagram keeping you up to date

This summer Tone’s 16 year daughter Tilda Hughes is taking over our social media via Instagram. You can find her daily motivational top tips on @lucksyardclinic which we will also share on Facebook. She will be adding 'Monday motivation' and 'Friday wind down' tips as well as daily ideas for health and wellbeing. Tilda is also launching [...]

Tips to improve your posture for a happy healthy you

Luck’s Yard Clinic work with a local company called Healthy Home office who provide ergonomic furniture for both offices and the home. They report that nationally there are 2.5 million people who suffer with back pain every day of the year in the UK and 8.9 million days are lost to work related musculoskeletal disorders [...]

Alternative remedies for hay fever and allergic rhinitis

The long spells of warm spring and summer weather has most of us look forward to the arrival of the warmer weather but for some unlucky people the season brings misery in the form of hay fever and seasonal allergic rhinitis often caused by pollens from trees and grass. Proteins in the pollens irritate the [...]

Play that funky music!

On Sunday the 24th June Luck’s Yard Clinic is supporting The Music Works annual concert at Rodborough School in Milford from 12pm - 6.00pm The Music Works is a local music school in Milford, where they teach students of all ages to learn and enjoy music from instrumental to singing and choir.  They operate as a [...]

Fungal toenails? Yvette Mann may have the answer

Yvette Mann, head of Podiatry at Luck's Yard now has a new diagnostic tool for fungal toenails: The testing is a 97 percent accurate way of testing for fungal nail infections in just 5 minute and  costs only £48. For the convenience of patients, a fungal infection can now be confirmed at the same time [...]

Mary Parker

Continuing on from our Active Aging article we published at the end of last year (https://www.lucksyardclinic.com/active-ageing/), we thought it would be fun to share the reflections and ideas of some of our patients this year, who are over 60 – our Luck’s Yard Heroes. They inspire us each week in the clinic with their wit [...]

Are you a Super Ager?

They make up less than 5% of the population, their razor sharp mental powers defy their advanced age of over 80 years, they stand out as being resilient, optimistic, active and engaged …….. who are these mythical beings? They are Super Agers and whilst you may not share all of their particular characteristics, the good [...]

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