Calling all new parents – let’s talk about babies….

Join our FREE Zoom talks with paediatric chiropractor, Mike Marinus We are so excited to share with you the opportunity to listen to four presentations from paediatric chiropractor Mike Marinus from Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford Surrey. Mike is a South African Chiropractor with a Masters degree in Paediatric chiropractic. Previously Mike ran his own clinic [...]

15 years of care from Luck’s Yard Clinic

Award winning Luck's Yard is 15 years old! As well as providing healthcare to patients across many different disciplines including chiropractic; massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, acupuncture, sports rehab therapy, child and family coaching, nutrition and podiatry, Luck’s Yard has had a continuous programme of supporting charities and our local community. We are passionate about teaching [...]

Ten tips #10: What should my plate look like?

We are constantly bombarded with news of the latest dietary trend be it paleo (stoneage diet); keto; low carb; low fat etc etc. The amount of information about what we should or should not be eating can be confusing and demoralizing but it needn’t be that way. As I have written in the previous top [...]

Ten tips #9: Mix it up

Our Top tip #4 was to fill up on fibre for all the health benefits it provides, and this brings us onto the next top tip which is to increase the variety of plant based foods in your diet. We get an enormous amount of nutrients – vitamins, minerals as well as polyphenols and antioxidants [...]

What is the right age to think about bone health?

  Prevention is an important focus for every aspect of our body’s functions, and the health of our skeleton is no exception. Our skeleton, especially the vertebral bones & femur, handle a tremendous amount of force during our lifetime. To maintain healthy & strong bones there needs to be a precise balance between bone formation [...]

Ten tips #7 Spice it up

What better way to flavour our food than using the huge variety of spices and herbs that are available to us. They not only enhance the taste of your cooking but contain a myriad of health benefits too. Spices and herbs such as turmeric, rosemary, garlic, ginger and cinnamon are excellent sources of antioxidants with their [...]

Ten Tips #8: slow down, you eat too fast

We all do it to a greater or lesser degree depending on what life throws at us: eating on the go, snacking in the car or at our desk because we’re so busy and because time is precious - eating too quickly. But if you sit down at a table (not watching TV or using [...]

Get on your feet and wiggle it!

Get Britain Standing is a campaign that aims to increase awareness and educate people of the dangers of sedentary working and long periods of sitting – especially at work – whether in the office or at home.  Research has shown that regular movement whilst at work is essential to keep our bodies healthy as well [...]

Ten tips #6 Dark and delicious chocolate

Just in time for Easter .... There is no substitute for real chocolate whatever anyone says! But the quality and health benefits of chocolate vary enormously and you can make a healthier choice when you just can’t resist it. Virtually all chocolate contains added sugar although it is possible to buy choc with 100% cocoa [...]

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