For those of us that already own a dog, we know what joy they bring to our lives in many different ways.  They give us unconditional love and loyalty, they are our companions, our reason to get up in the morning and they make us smile every day!

Research also shows that our furry four-legged companions can also help improve our health, both mentally and physically – relieving stress, boosting our mood, lowering our blood pressure, cholesterol and assisting with weight loss.  In addition they can help decrease feelings of loneliness, increase our exercise output, getting you out and about socialising and adding a sense of purpose to your life.

Five of our Lucks Yard team share their experiences of the joys their dogs bring to their lives and how they have helped them through lockdown: 


“Meet Bertie!!  Bertie has been a part of our life for the last year. We have looked after him three days a week or when we have not been in hospital. I have two children going through cancer treatment and when the opportunity came along to look after Bertie , we jumped at it. He brings us such joy.

The boys play tug with him with his favourite toy and chase him in the garden. I just enjoy having him on my lap and stroking him at any opportunity. I feel my heart rate slow and I just smile to myself. Pets are so important in our lives especially during this pandemic.  It is a ‘give take relationship’ where everyone wins!”

Yvette Mann – Podiatrist


“Having a dog during lockdown has been incredible. Our dog Pluto is a big Ridgeback, so he needs lots of walks. We have done two hours walks ever day during the lock-down and we the whole family have benefited from it. Since then my husband and I have changed our work routines so we can carry on doing our long walks three times a week.

He also loves cuddles, so as the family has been at home, he had got so many cuddles from us all, and in turn this has really helped to calm us all down when the world has felt like it was upside down. He is our third child and so much part of the family”.

Tone Tellefsen Hughes – Chiropractor and owner


“I have one and a half dogs.  Izzie Thompson is a Shire horse crossed with a hippo.  She loves water, mud, mud and mud!  Izzie is five years old and she shares a birthday with my youngest, Carrick, that’s how we knew she was the one 😀.  Our half a dog is Roary, is a Cavalier King Charles cross.  Roary Baldwin really belongs to our neighbours over the road, but Izzie and Roary are inseparable and so they live together most of the time, in one house or the other, depending on who’s at work.  Roary dislikes mud and water intensely but is fantastic at guarding Eversley from 747’s.  He barks at and chases airplanes, especially the big ones and we know that his guarding works because an airplane has never landed in our garden!  We recently welcomed a new addition to the family; Dobby the kitten.  Dobby is 12 weeks old and firmly in charge of the dogs already 😊. I wouldn’t be without pets.  They make my life calmer, fitter and happier.”

Katherine Thompson – Podiatrist


“Floyd, Our Smallest Greatest Friend. We love Floyd – he is as much a part of our family as we humans are.  Throughout this period of Lockdown, Floyd has taken Phoenix on a “walk to school” every weekday morning before the online lessons commence.  I often find Floyd giving Isis a reassuring cuddle as she wonders about her grandparents and thinks of her friends.  At the end of his workday, I see Floyd collect my husband from his office to take him on a long walk – time and space to process his day. And, at every possible moment throughout the day, when he purposefully catches my eye, Floyd offers me pure joy – a reminder that through life’s most challenging times, we can choose to keep our tails wagging”.    

Melissa Carter – Family Life Coach


“Bruce, my 6 year old cocker spaniel is a constant shadow at my side, especially through the Coronavirus lockdown. He instantly knows how I am feeling and is always there for a cuddle, he just seems to know how to lift me up if I am sad and makes the whole family laugh at some of his antics”.

Sue Lo Curto


Dogs are a huge responsibility and it is vital that they have daily walks and stimulation.  Not everyone has the right set up for this – maybe work commitments, finances or family do not allow.  But that does not mean you have to miss out – walk with friends who have a dog, volunteer at a rescue centre or maybe join a club such as Borrow my Doggy