About Tone

Tone is a good listener and is always helpful in advising and promoting self help, as well as providing first class treatment. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Philip

Tone is an amazing person.  She has a rare gift of intuitive warmth combined with exceptional professional skill.  She is flexible in being willing and able to meet people where they really are and I am grateful.  She has true vision and cares passionately for the wellbeing of people.   G Welford

Not only can Tone pinpoint the problem in the very first session – thanks to her exceptional knowledge – she can also advise on lifestyle changes to help speedy recovery.  She is unique in her holistic approach to physical health by nurturing the mind-body connection in consultations.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Helen Hurley

Helen H

I wish I’d contacted them years ago.  And I am so to be a regular there now!  I have chiropractic with Tone and have regular massages with both massage therapists. Tone runs a holistic, highly professional, very personalised caring business.  Don’t hesitate to contact them as I did – just call – the helpful receptionists will do their best to get you an appointment as soon as possible.

I was recommended to Tone by my chiropractor when he retired post the millennium.  Wow, what a great recommendation! With Tone’s help I have moved from regular treatments to the occasional visit and nearly 20 years later I am able to maintain my back sclerosis myself – which sadly means that I no longer see Tone as much as I would like!  She also gave my son a check when he was born and we were able to treat his neck torticolis and she also identified my husband’s bulged disc weeks before the NHS arrived at the same conclusion.  Highly recommend. Tone is knowledgeable and a great listener and has an amazing aura around her.

Kirstie Emery 

Wow, a new experience in Chiropractic and massage.  What a wonderful place with such genuinely lovely people.  My mental stresses and physical pains are hugely improved with the treatments provided.

Katherine Thompson

I started seeing Tone in my fifth month of pregnancy because I fell down the stairs and twisted my hip.  I felt comfortable getting adjusted by her from the first second.  Her knowledge is impressive and her way of working is full of love and caring for her patients.  I got adjusted by her and her team throughout the whole pregnancy and have seen her after delivery to get me and my baby checked.  Antenatal I have seen her reflexologist who sadly retired and the podiatrist (Tone’s recommendation) as I had problems with my feet, what doesn’t get better in the pregnancy due to weight.  And postnatal I see now the acupuncturist Becky who is helping me with recovery.  I’m in Luck’s Yard at least once a month.  Can absolutely recommend.  And the ladies at the front desk are absolutely adorable as well. Always super friendly and helpful.

Inge Gino

Tone has been an active British Chiropractic Association member for many years promoting the profession through her various projects. Together with her daughter, Tone has been encouraging chiropractors from around the world to take part in ChiroGlobal and tell us why they love being a chiropractor! Tone was awarded Chiropractors Chiropractor for 2018 after being nominated by and voted for by the BCA membership for her commitment to the development of this profession.

Catherine Quinn DC BSc MChiro FRCC (Sport)

President of the British Chiropractic Association

“I first met Tone nearly twenty years ago when she was working at a clinic in Reigate, Surrey. She had been highly recommended to me and from that day on she became the person I most trust with my neck and back.

She was the first person who introduced me to the idea of a holistic treatment. She listened to what lifestyle factors may be contributing to the problem and gave advice, handouts and specific exercises. It was her who correctly recognised I was dehydrated and needed to up my water intake – advise I follow to this day. She has never extended a treatment programme unnecessarily and has a dedication to her job and patients that is unquestionable.

Over the years I am proud to say that she has become a friend and exhibits the same qualities of honesty, reliability and integrity that her many patients are lucky enough to experience.”

Amanda Nixon
TV Production Services Ltd

“I have known Tone for approximately 10 years firstly as a fellow parent of children of the same age and subsequently as a patient and as a friend.

Tone is a fantastic parent – generous to her children and their friends in terms of her time, care and guidance and also in ensuring that the children experience young lives full of fun and learning. As a friend Tone is supportive and always there when needed. She always gives so much and expects so little in return. Her warmth and generous nature and smile is always so welcome. Professionally Tone has helped my entire family (my wife and 3 children). We have always received excellent chiropractic care, considered advice and have all greatly benefitted. Tone is our only choice for chiropractic services and has always guided us and helped to resolve any issues. We have often recommend Tone to our friends, relations and all other contacts and will continue to do so whenever we have the opportunity.

Tone has been an important part of our lives – helping us when our body has ached and being a role model as a family friend.”

Simon Bickerdike
Solicitor, Godalming

“I have known Tone for over twelve years, firstly as a patient, secondly as an employee, and currently as a patient and friend.

Tone has always had, and always will have, the best interests of her patients at heart. She works tirelessly to ensure that each individual feels welcome to the Clinic, is made to feel important, and is afforded the very best treatment plan for their particular problem. I can honestly say that I always feel so much better after a visit to see her, and I know that I can rely on her advice, and that I can contact her at any time should I have any concerns.

When Tone set up Lucks Yard Clinic in Milford, I had the pleasure of assisting her on the administrative side of her business for the first two years, albeit only in a part time capacity. It was during this period that I realised what an amazing person she was. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and energy shone through to all who worked with her. She was determined to ensure that every part of her business was running efficiently and to the benefit of all the patients who attended the Clinic. She was always ready to listen to new ideas and put these into practice when appropriate. She was keen that all staff should receive on-going training. Tone was also keen to make sure her own skills were always up to date too by attending many courses in her own time. She did, of course, also run many courses herself both for the medical profession and for the local community including schools.

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that Tone is an honest, hardworking and trustworthy person, and I am delighted to know her both as a patient and friend.”

Sue Paul

“I have been going to see Tone for many years. As I spend my life rushing around as well as spending many hours in front of my laptop, my shoulders and posture are awful! After her sorting out a chronic shoulder pain for me, I now go see Tone for regular MOT sessions. It’s as important as going to see my Dentist. It keeps my body in check and reminds me of the need for good posture.”

Karen Skidmore

“Tone is one of the countries’ most compassionate, skilful and caring Chiropractors. Receiving treatment from Tone is always a pleasure.”

Giles Courtis
Chiropractor, Bath

“Tone is an excellent chiropractor with all the qualities we aspire to. She caring, thoughtful and competent. Her patients speak very highly of her and her reputation amongst colleagues is very high.”

Mathew Bennet

“Tone is a fabulous chiropractor! One of the few people I trust implicitly to manipulate my back and neck. She also has a genuine interest in the people she is treating making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Luck’s Yard is a natural extension of Tone’s personal approach providing a practice with a difference that is all about the people walking through the door, not just about the treatments on offer.”

Tim Ostle
Manager / Charterhouse Health and Fitness Club