Mindfulness For The Body with Tone Tellefsen-Hughes

Tone says 70% of the people she sees in her clinic exhibit the iceberg syndrome, that is their injuries have built up over time due to bad postural habits and tensions they hold in their bodies.

To help prevent prolonged pain and stiffness going forward, Tone brings awareness back into the body by running through the causes of stress and body tension, as well as some very simple, gentle stretches to incorporate into the working day. These stretches will release tension and reduce the possible outcome of injury over time.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Luck’s Yard Clinic has been dedicated to support Teenage Cancer Trust for many years. In 2013 we co-created a CD called Teens4Teens with the a local music School called The Music Works in Milford. This year we have created two products in aid of the valuable charity supporting UK Teenagers who are under care for cancer.

Our other product is the ‘The 30 Day Mindfulness Journal

The Mindfulness For The Body Programme has been designed to help people get in touch with their bodies and spines and find where they hold tension and perhaps have altered their movement patterns on a day to day basis. Many people of today have regular stresses during their lives which can create tension in the muscle and fascial system which they might not be aware of. The aim of the programme is to help you to move more mindfully on a daily basis. And to listen to what your body tells you.

We therefore ask each person who will download this programme to kindly make a donation to Teenage Cancer Trust in this page in order to support our cause and respect the work that has been done in order to create this programme. The intention is to help you get a better connection with your body but also help your body communicate better with your mind.

The more aware you are of your movement pattern the more you can make changes to feel better in yourself.

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  • Reduce stiff muscles and joints as well as knots in your neck and shoulders

  • Stop feeling older than you should be in your body

  • Learn to manage stresses that cause you to hold body tension in your body.

As a registered chiropractor and owner of a busy clinic, Tone estimates that 70% of the patients she sees for consultation are experiencing pain that has resulted from patterns of ongoing stress in their bodies. Many are unaware of how and where they are holding tension or what to do about it.

This course will make you conscious of those aspects of your daily life that may be causing tension and stress in your body, and provide you with a toolkit of gentle exercises to help you release this.​

Tone explains the impact that posture, physical stresses, emotional stresses and the fear of pain can have on the way we move, and how these can result in injury and pain. She shares a series of stretches inspired by the Alexander technique, the Feldenkrais technique and gentle yoga postures​ that will help you learn how to move your body with more efficiency and ease. By undertaking everyday movements with ease and lightness you minimise the impact on your joints, release tensions and pressures, and reduce aches and pains.

Mindfulness For The Body offers:

  • Flexibility of movement

  • Agility in your spine and back
  • Balance and co-ordination

  • Reduced knots, discomfort and pain

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Meet Tone Tellefsen Hughes, your Mindful Body Movements coach

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  1. How to approach this course
  2. Why should i do this course
  3. Meet Tone – free preview


Chapter 1: The iceberg syndrome

Chapter 2 (part 1): Physical stresses on your body

Chapter 2 (part 2): Emotional stresses on your body

Chapter 3: Negative and positive stress

Chapter 4: How the fear of pain affects you

Chapter 5: Postural awareness

Chapter 6: Observation

Chapter 7: Proprioception

Chapter 8: The 3 stages of healing

Chapter 9: Manual therapy

Chapter 10: Be the co-producer of your health


Exercise 1: Neck stretches

Exercise 2: Sitting

Exercise 3: Standing with ease

Exercise 4: Arm allowing movement

Exercise 5: Breathing

Exercise 6: Lower limb

Exercise 7: Neck mediation

Exercise 8: Cat and camel

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What people are saying about Tone …

Tone Tellefsen Hughes eloquently presents us with a pathway to health through movement and musculoskeletal fitness. Gently bringing our attention to our activities of daily living, their stresses and long-term ill effects, along with the insighful descriptions of how we ignore or deny our physical and emotional stress and pain, and help in creating body awareness combined with movement presents the opportunity for the ever plastic human brain to direct the body towards healing and rejuvenation.

Dr Sharon Vallone

I think this course is terrific! I like so many things about it, but briefly: you deliver the information in such a calm and logical way, with useful explanations, which makes it easy to understand and to do. I like the way you tell what the exercises are good for by giving specific examples of what situations in life might cause the type of tension you are trying to help – it makes the exercises much more relevant, instead of just being “good for you”.

Amy Wood