Neurological physiotherapy

Neuroplasticity, motor relearning and functional training are the basis of neurological physiotherapy. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the nervous system to reorganise and reconnect which can be facilitated through repetitive stimulus (exercises).

Motor relearning is the retraining of motor skills that our nervous system has learned through the years but has lost due to a neurological event. Functional training is strengthening the body specifically to perform everyday activities resulting in improved quality of life for people who must live with neurological issues.

Exercise based one to one intensive therapy using the above principles for post acute stroke, Parkinsonism, Multiple sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease and Spinal Cord injury will be provided by Jecy, our neurological physiotherapist.

Vestibular physiotherapy

We move about without falling because our vestibular system functions efficiently to provide information to the brain, that helps to maintain our balance.

But some people experience a sense of imbalance like a feeling of unsteadiness when they are on their feet or when they are in crowded places, veering towards one side while walking, a sensation of falling or episodes of vertigo where everything around them appears to be spinning.

These symptoms are most likely caused because the vestibular system is not functioning efficiently. Vestibular rehabilitation is an evidence based therapy which uses exercises to retrain balance and spatial orientation mechanisms to overcome the above mentioned symptoms.

Jecy will perform a detailed assessment to identify which part of the vestibular system is contributing to your symptoms and then provide a tailor-made exercise programme designed to help your vestibular system reorganise and adapt.