Although we currently do not offer Chinese acupuncture as a therapy we have two practitioners that practice Western Medical Acupuncture as part of the therapies they offer, Sophie Grimes and Nic Langlois:

Sophie Grimes, BSc Sports Rehabilitation

Sophie offers a range of Sports Rehabilitation therapies here at Luck’s Yard.

She is qualified by Sport Therapy Uk to practice dry needling and medical acupuncture.

Sophie explains: “dry needling is used to help treat a variety of different problems such as loss of range of motion, joint stiffness, muscle mobility and pathologies like sciatica”.

Medical acupuncture is adapted from Chinese acupuncture which consists of using fine needles placed along meridian lines throughout the body to help balance the level of QI (energy) within the body. There are over 380 meridians within the body and can help treat pathologies such as Achilles tendinopathy, migraines or nausea from pregnancy.

” I can use and adapt these techniques for each patient specifically to enhance their rehabilitation plans”.

Sophie holds qualifications  from Sports Therapy UK – medical acupuncture, advanced dry needling and introduction to dry needling.

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Nic Langlois, Chiropractor BSc, Chiro

Nic has a particular leaning to how the muscular system affects joint and mechanical function and pain. He uses a combination of western medical acupuncture, chiropractic, sports massage and rehabilitation exercises to help patients improve.

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