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What our fans say about Lucks Yard Clinic

“Mariana has been an enormous help to keeping me going over the years. She understands immediately what is required with the various ailments I have.  I live in the village and to have such a facility so close is wonderful. And walking from and to home is good for the therapy.For the 20 minutes the price does seem to have risen steeply during the time I have ben attending the clinic.”


“I couldn’t do it without you! Between the chiropractic and massage you have all kept me on the golf course for much longer than I had anticipated. A huge thank you to you all, you’re great!”


“Excellent treatment as always.  Everything is back where it should be and settling down nicely. That is  until I forget that I am 72 not 17 and stray from the path of the straight & narrow again.  Thank you Daniela for pressing the right spots and freeing off the seized up bits & pieces.  Look forward to seeing you at my next check-up. Many thanks & kind regards.”


“I try to see Marianna every six weeks to treat my back and neck with manipulation and the most incredible deep tissue massage. Without this I end up in discomfort with lack of mobility in my neck and stiffness in my back due to tension. For me Marianna has healing hands and always leaves me feeling so much better after treatment. You could say she is my families remedy as she treats my husband  for his back problems and my teenage son who needed destressing during his GCSEs.  I am totally convinced that her treatments are amazing and would recommend her to anyone needing chiropractic treatment. On top of this, she is a lovely lady.”


“Always very welcoming.  Professional but relaxed atmosphere.  Personalised service tailored to your needs.  Treatment offered only when really necessary for you.”


“I am very happy with Tone, she works very hard on my limbs and back and without her I would be in pain all the time.”


“I have been attending the Lucks Yard Clinic for approximately 4 years, which started with an injury.   From the very first telephone call to arrange an appointment until the present day – I have always been treated with a smile, professionalism and a listening ear.

I am absolutely amazed that even if I don’t say where I am hurting, it is found very efficiently by the sense of touch.

Thank you Lucks Yard.”


“I have been visiting Luck’s Yard for many years.  All the staff are friendly and welcoming, and the treatment which I have received has been first class, and has made a real difference to my life, keeping me fit and enabling me to remain engaged in a range of active leisure pursuits.”

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Why Choose Lucks Yard Clinic?

The 2015 Care Response Clinic Audit showed that 92.5% of our patients are very satisfied with our chiropractic care.

So whether you are suffering from muscular pain, need a chiropractic checkup, or would like to try our refelexology or aromatherapy sessions, we are experts in tailoring our treatments to your unique needs.

We are experienced in:

We offer everybody a free 15 minute consultation in order to discuss their individual needs.

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