Shiatsu Therapy is a traditional hands-on healing therapy originating from Japan. Touch, stretches and acupressure points are used to strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself.

Shiatsu works on the whole person – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual – and seeks to address the root causes rather than simply the symptoms.

Unblocking and balancing the body’s natural energy helps the mind and body to relax, diminishes pain, increases vitality and can promote healing. Shiatsu can be beneficial in helping you cope with a wide range of conditions or simply enjoyed for deep relaxation and to increase your sense of well-being.

At your first appointment a full history is taken to establish the overall picture of your state of health. This helps to determine a treatment plan. Treatment takes place on a futon on the floor, and each session is tailored to the individual.

What sort of health conditions can shiatsu help me with?
Shiatsu can help encourage relaxation, improve mood, alleviate both physical and psychological symptoms of stress, aid sleep, relieve tension and boost energy levels. Regular Shiatsu treatments can help prevent the build up of stress in daily life, which in turn restores good health.

How many appointments will I need before I feel any benefits?
This can vary. Most people will feel, at the very least, more relaxed after just one treatment. However, deep-seated issues are likely to take longer. At your first appointment we will assess your overall state of health and well-being and develop a short- or long-term programme of treatment tailored to your individual needs. Many people choose to have Shiatsu treatments on a regular basis to help maintain a healthy body and a peaceful state of mind.

Is shiatsu suitable for anyone?
Yes, Shiatsu is suitable for all.

What do I need to wear? 
You will remain fully clothed, so please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a clean pair of socks. Please do not eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before your treatment.

Baby Shiatsu – starting September 2013

Not Just A Baby Massage

Touch is a fundamental human need.  It has the power to aid healing, give support and provide comfort.  All mothers want to be able to do this for their child.

Baby massage provides an ideal way to do this – a beautiful and hugely beneficial way to bond with your baby.  Most mothers instinctively engage in aspects of massage, often stroking down the back to soothe and calm a fractious infant.

A baby massage routine, however, can offer so much more than the ability to calm your child when they are upset.  The gentle pressure point massage used in shiatsu can support an infant’s mental and physical development, strengthen the parent-child bond and lays the foundation for a healthy life.

Baby Shiatsu differs from other types of baby massage as it is based on an ancient system of healing which not only nourishes the skin and muscles, but enhances the health of all the internal organs by using acupressure points to aid the body’s natural energy flows.  In this way Baby Shiatsu massage can provide health benefits like helping with digestive problems and tummy aches, constipation and diarrhoea, congestion in the chest, skin rashes, sleep problems, and can assist in improving the circulation.

Accompanying this traditional form of massage, is a Western understanding of infant development which can be integrated into a massage routine to help stimulate brain and spinal development.  Blended with Shiatsu ensures that this development is not forced, rather it supports baby’s natural and individual rhythm of development.