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A spring in your step

‘’If you walk with a spring in your step, you are walking  energetically in a way that shows you are feeling happy and confident" For those of us who are able to walk at the moment at this difficult time of lock down , it is so important to do so!!! Here are Yvette's top [...]

Mind Your Posture: Gardening

As the days are getting longer, the garden is calling! The British Chiropractic Association offers advice on how to stay injury free the garden. Gardening – don’t over do it with the trowel As a nation, we love our gardens and spend a considerable amount of time and money on them. As we rush to [...]

STEM education for girls

  In February I had the honour of speaking about my career in chiropractic to 90 girls in year nine at St. Catherine’s School in Bramley.  In year nine students decide which subjects to take for GCSE and this can have a big impact on future education. I shared what A level subjects you need [...]

Planting for happy bees, bugs and brains

At last there are signs of spring in the garden with bulbs peeping through and buds on the trees. As the days get longer we can spend more time in the garden planting not only for our own pleasure but to provide a feast for pollinators. The RHS has plenty of advice on how to [...]

Coronavirus (COVID 19) update for patients

Luck’s Yard Clinic Policy Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dear Luck’s Yard Patients You will be aware that the Coronavirus advice is updated on a daily basis and as a health clinic we feel it important that you know what measures we have taken to ensure that both patients and staff stay safe. If you are a patient [...]

Berries are best for brains!

I came across such a great piece of research that I had to share it. It ties in very nicely with previous blogs we have written about preparing for exams, brain function and what to eat when revising. The aim of the randomised, placebo controlled study was to explore the effects of a flavonoid rich [...]

A fond farewell and good luck to Daniela

Six years ago we asked a student to come to the clinic and collate statistics on our paediatric cases.  That’s when we first met Daniela Colores Hoglund. She travelled up from the south coast and worked so hard collating all the information from our files.  When she graduated I called her to ask if she [...]

Exam study strategies with Teen talk workshop

Are exams looming in your household? Do you have a student who is struggling with motivation to study, or studying too much without giving themselves a well-earned break? Or perhaps you have a teen in your house who is working hard but not seeing the results? Luck's Yard is here to help! We are running [...]

Lost connections and social prescribing in nature

...... or the story of therapeutic horticulture Last year I heard a podcast by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee when he interviewed Johann Hari about his book called ‘Lost connections’.  It really struck a chord with me, and a few months later when I had the opportunity to lease a walled garden behind our clinic at Luck’s [...]

Mind Your Posture: Lifting & Carrying (and changing a tyre!)

The British Chiropractic Association offers advice to keep you standing tall Our bodies are very well adapted to a variety of tasks, but we need to be careful not to take advantage of this and push our bodies to breaking point! Lifting Firstly, face the direction in which you want to carry the weight. Always [...]

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