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The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

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Understanding emotional eating

We all want to be healthy and what we eat is key to that so when eating feels out of our control it can cause us a great deal of distress. Our emotions have a huge impact on our unconscious behaviour and can undermine our intentions to eat more healthily. Cognitive neuroscientists believe that 95% [...]

Advanced physiotherapy with Jecy

We are so pleased that Jecy has now started her clinic at Luck's Yard on Mondays. She is an extremely experienced Advanced Physiotherapist who specialises in different areas of physiotherapy. Click on this link to hear Jecy talking about her treatments: Please click on the links in our Services and Treatments menu to read [...]

Welcoming Physiotherapist Jecy Kunju Kunju

We are delighted to welcome Advanced Musculoskeletal and Neurological Physiotherapist, Jecy Kunju Kunju to the Luck’s Yard team. Jecy has a wealth of physiotherapy experience in orthopaedic, neurological and sports rehab. Her other areas of skill involve vestibular physical therapy and women’s health. She also specializes in vestibular physiotherapy in the treatment of dizziness/vertigo and balance/equilibrium [...]

Looking after your emotional heath

Most of us know that we need to look after our physical heath by eating healthy food and taking exercise but most of us take our emotional health for granted. We assume that we’ll naturally be emotionally well. Most people don’t realise that we have certain needs that have to be met to enable us [...]

Green Hub news and new Teen Talk

News from the Green Hub Project for teens We are delighted announce that we are now welcoming teens from the ages of 11 to 18 years for the coming season.  The Green Hub project is located behind Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford where we have a relaxed and peaceful garden where teens can come together [...]

Move Better with Laura

Chiropractor Laura Hack has been busy with her camera making films to help you on your road to recovery.  They focus on stretching and helping you to achieve mobility. These are easy to do at home and she not only describes the exercises but shows you how to do them too: Click on the links [...]

What’s the best footwear for walking in the rain?

As a podiatrist , I have many discussions with my patients  about the benefits of wearing good footwear and the problems that wearing bad boots or shoes can cause. The winter months in the UK can be very wet and make it even harder to make good footwear choices. Wellington boots are often the 'go [...]

Feed your microbiome to improve your sleep

A little while ago we wrote about research that was undertaken regarding the affect beneficial bacteria in the gut has on sleep - the quality and amount that we manage to get. The current turbulence in our world also has a big impact on our stress levels and sleep is one of the first things that [...]

Are you sleeping comfortably?

One of the most common health concerns that we deal with at Luck's Yard Clinic is chronic neck and back pain.  Often patients tell us that this has a huge impact on their daily life and also on their sleep which impacts how they feel during the day. Some years ago the British Chiropractic Association [...]

The Value of Good Posture in Children

posture noun “The position in which you hold your body when standing or sitting”  What does having good posture mean? The main components of good posture are those that allow your weight balanced over your centre of gravity (your feet) equally, sitting up straight and maintaining correct form when moving/exercising (Watson & C Mac, 2000). [...]

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