Laura Hack

Laura Hack


Laura Hack is a Surrey girl who was educated locally.

Laura started her chiropractic journey as a patient herself after suffering for some years with a chronic illness.  Her father suggested chiropractic as a ‘last resort’ therapy and she has never looked back.

After experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care first-hand – both mentally and emotionally as well as the physical journey, Laura fell in love with chiropractic and decided to pursue it as a career.  She became a chiropractic assistant for a local practice for 2 years before taking the plunge and training to become a therapist herself.

She enrolled at the AECC in Bournemouth where she spent 5 years gaining her Masters of Chiropractic qualification.

Read more about Laura’s journey to becoming a chiropractor here:

Laura also offers Dry Needling as a stand alone therapy or as part of her chiropractic consultation: click on this link to find out more:

She is also a dab hand with the camera and loves making Youtube films where she explains and demonstrates stretches for mobility to help you achieve your health goals. Just log into Youtube and search for Luck’s Yard Clinic.

Outside of her career, Laura has a performing arts and dance background, training for 13 years at Godalming School of Dance and the Italia Conti school.

In her free Laura enjoys hiking and exploring the countryside. She is a big family person and loves spending time with (and spoiling!) her niece and nephew.

Laura is passionate about supporting our next generation of students, and she is taking the role of our community chiropractor.  If you would like her to come to your School or community group you can contact her via for talks and/or assemblies on the importance of posture, being active and how to look after your back.

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