Acupuncture testimonials

“I have found the relaxation exercise that Becky asked me to do was very effective in helping me to relax and go to sleep. Previously I had often found it took quite a long time for me to fall asleep after going to bed. This works not just when I got to bed, but also if I wake up during the night. From my own experience, therefore, I can certainly recommend hypnotherapy with Becky in connection with sleep problems.”

JB – Guildford

‘I have always been intrigued by acupuncture so when I found it listed amongst ten things that might help with my arthritic knee I thought I would give it a try. During my first appointment Becky’s professionalism, thoroughness and commitment gave me confidence. She told me she couldn’t cure my arthritis but she might help with the pain. My arthritic knee is now comfortable and Becky has started work on the other knee which I have since traumatised during a rugged coastal walk in Dorset. I would certainly recommend a consultation with Becky to anyone suffering from knee pain.  Rosemary

‘I was completely sceptical about acupuncture having been through 19 months of failed treatments and intensive physio to try and help with my post-op nerve pain and compartment syndrome. I was at the end of the road with NHS treatments when someone recommended acupuncture to me! It was a case of ‘what have I got to lose?’ So I went for it. And within two weeks I noticed a difference and now 5 sessions down the line I am completely nerve pain free day and night and if you’d have told me that would have happened two months ago I would’ve laughed at you.

It has been life changing and completely eye opening for me so if your aren’t sure and you feel you’ve tried everything else it’s not what have you got to lose but actually thinking of what you could gain from it. NH, Milland