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  • The majority of our patients feel a positive and continued benefit within 6-8 visits
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  • 2015 Care Response Clinic Audit: 92.5% of our patients are very satisfied with our chiropractic care

Luck's Yard Chiropractic and Health news from around the world

  • Chiropractic care in pregnancy
    18th May 2016

    Introducing Jasmine Mejares, our new chiropractic recruit at Luck’s Yard. Here she explains what Chiropractic care offered her whilst being pregnant. ...

  • Jasmine Mejares
    18th May 2016

    Jasmine Mejares has been a chiropractor since 2008. Upon graduating from Life West Chiropractic College (USA) she has worked in offices from California, to S...

  • The Red Phase
    11th May 2016

    So where does it start? Most people seek help with manual therapy when they are in pain or their bodies are unable to let them live their live...

  • Having patience with the healing process
    11th May 2016

    Having patience with the healing process One of the most common questions we get at Luck’s Yard Clinic is: “How long until this particular cond...

I have been helped a lot with my back which was very painful when I first started coming to the point that it actually woke me up. To now not having hardly any backpain at all.
Marie Hounslow - Patient
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