We Dont Overtreat – We Only Treat When You Need it.

The 2015 Care Response Clinic Audit showed that 92.5% of our patients are very satisfied with our chiropractic care.
So whether you are suffering from muscular pain, need a chiropractic checkup, or would like to try our refelexology or aromatherapy sessions, we are
experts in tailoring our treatments to your unique needs.
We are experienced in:
greenbull chiropractic and massage
greenbull aromatherapy, acupuncture & reflexology
greenbull podiatry
greenbull nutritional therapy and more
greenbull see our full list of services here.
We offer everybody a free 15 minute consultation in order to discuss their individual needs.
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Luck's Yard Chiropractic and Health news from around the world

  • World Spine Day
    27th Sep 2016

    Sunday 16th October is World Spine Day which is part of the Bone and Joint Decade Action Week – BJD - (12th to 20th October) which occurs each year in Octob...

  • Deep tissue massage
    14th Sep 2016

    Deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. During a massage, the ...

  • Daniela Colores Jordan
    14th Sep 2016

    Daniela is one of our Chiropractors at Luck's Yard Clinic. Daniela was born in Mexico and after spending time in the USA working within child-care she mo...

  • Podiatry FAQs
    14th Sep 2016

    Does frequently drying in between the toes stop athletes foot? Yes,  Fungus likes to grown in warm, moist environments.   Daily application of surgical ...

I have been helped a lot with my back which was very painful when I first started coming to the point that it actually woke me up. To now not having hardly any backpain at all.
Marie Hounslow - Patient
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