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  • The majority of our patients feel a positive and continued benefit within 6-8 visits
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  • 2015 Care Response Clinic Audit: 92.5% of our patients are very satisfied with our chiropractic care

Luck's Yard Chiropractic and Health news from around the world

  • Tackling childhood obesity
    19th Aug 2016

    In view of the news over the last couple of days about the Governments approach to tackling childhood obesity, I thought it would be relevant to re-visit a bl...

  • Body Awareness
    02nd Aug 2016

    You cannot change what you don’t know! The most important thing when you decide to sort your body out is to realize that change can only start w...

  • Clinic statistics – how we are helping you
    02nd Aug 2016

    Our new Chiropractor, Jasmine Latimer conducted a little survey of a selection of our Luck's Yard Clinic patients to find out how they perceive us as a clinic...

  • Holiday health tips
    29th Jun 2016

    We hope to come back from our annual holidays feeling relaxed and rested and ready to take on new challenges. But the reality is sometimes the opposite!  ...

I have been helped a lot with my back which was very painful when I first started coming to the point that it actually woke me up. To now not having hardly any backpain at all.
Marie Hounslow - Patient
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