The iceberg syndrome and  how pain can suddenly arrive out of the blue…..

Ever wondered why low back and neck pain can arrive just out of the blue and cripple you completely when there is no obvious trauma or injury or reason you can find at all? Not even a heroic injury!

We call it the iceberg syndrome. Usually we ignore little messages of pain in our bodies and go about our daily lives without taking much notice.  It is not just a British trait, it occurs everywhere on the globe.  ‘Oh, it will get better tomorrow….’, we say to ourselves.

However, as we often sit incorrectly, drive for too long, use the computer too much, lift badly and madly rush about, we often create little stresses and strains in our bodies, which we ignore and leave until the absolute end.  Eventually when the tension is so strained, it needs very little to push it over the end, or as we say in Sweden “allow the last drop of water to overflow the edge of the glass”, and there, we have an acute condition.

The acute condition is what we call the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot going on below it. The iceberg syndrome, usually occurs in combination with stress of some sort. At Luck’s Yard we estimate that at least 70% of our patients are under some form of stress in their lives.  When we are stressed our central nervous system is heightened, and will push the nerve messages at a higher rate than normal around the body, and kind of wind us up.  All systems will be on alert and the muscles are directly in contact with these nervous messages.  We say it creates a tension in the “tone” of the soft tissues.  This may render it more prone to injury and so the balance is easily tipped over.

That is why we work with a team of therapist who can help on different levels of the physical body, both the mechanical and the emotional.

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