We are fast approaching the start of the new school year, and as parents we are all making frantic preparations so our children have everything that they need for the start of term.

Buying shoes is often the less pleasurable aspect of this, particularly when our children are fashion conscious and have their own ideas!  This can become a little tricky when children have foot problems or need intervention with orthotics.

To get the right advice and reassurance, do come and see a member of our podiatry team who will happily advise on style of shoes, where to shop and of course advice on any Biomechanical issues.

Children are prepared to listen a fair bit more to professionals who are often more able to discourage them away from shoes that ‘bling’ and towards more practical and functional footwear.

If you would like some support in this area, please do come and visit the podiatry team at Luck’s Yard Clinic.