“Smile to someone, and you never know how far around the world it might travel”

At Luck’s Yard Clinic we believe in being kind and going out of our way for our patients. We often find that as we know so many people in the community we can help with finding out all sorts of things like local plumbers, taxi drivers and accountants.  I guess the most unusual was when someone called me and asked which schools were good locally and which area to move to.  That is a personal preference though.

So when I stumbled on the Random Act of Kindness  Foundation from Colorado : http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/ , I was delighted.  Their mission is to inspire people to practice kindness and to pass it on to others.  RAK’s goals are to inspire, empower, act and share to build the kindness foundation.  It could not be more simple!

They have done numerous studies in schools to help children with motivation, problem solving, communication skills decision making and stress management.  One of the studies reported of an increase of 63% in social emotional development in their students after practising kindness.  Imagine what this could do to your work force at your office or business.

We believe that the current financial crisis and trouble in the world in general, often can consume us and make us forget to look out and towards other people and their needs.  We can get lost in misery and feeling miserable.  Sometimes by being kind, it can also make us feel more valued ourselves as it can put our situations and lives in a different perspective. Sharing is caring.

We feel that the UK as a nation, which is hugely reliant on kind volunteers in every aspect of our society, should celebrate and be proud of who we are and what we do.  Just look at the impact the volunteers had on the two successful Olympics in the UK.  People could not have been prouder to take part.  We can carry on this feeling and these acts on an everyday basis in smaller scale.

So, join us in February and share your stories with us on our facebook page. We want people from around the globe to share them with us from all walks of lives and situations, and inspire more kind acts in our communities and society.  Kindness cost nothing but gains lots.

“Kindness is what makes the world go around.”