It’s that time of year when spring is in the air, the flowers and trees are in bud and the warmth of the sun is gradually bringing more light to our days.  Spring is an encouraging season, a motivating time; there is a greater sense of positivity on the breeze.  We are inspired to move forwards. Perhaps this is why exam season runs parallel to spring? “Tell us more,” I hear you ask!

Exam season can be a very stressful and anxious time and it is so difficult to know how to support senior school students through this period in their lives.

We may question the exam system, yet this is the system that our teenagers are in, and so, with acceptance, it is up to us to enable them through this time – it is up to us to teach how to bear this challenge and achieve personal best.

We get it! And, this is why the professionals that run the Teen Summit events do so. These empathetic and practical sessions are aimed at supporting your teenagers through these important, yet overwhelming exam years.  Our sessions prepare students with the how to skills that they need in order to positively move forwards and retain a growth mindset approach to their studies.

On March 17th, The Teen Summit will be focussing on Study Strategies. This all-important workshop will look at the different ways in which we learn best. Attendees will participate in interactive activities and discussions with the intent being that they leave knowing how they learn best and what they need to do to plan, strategize, and organise to get on with their studies.

The Teen Summit aims for this session to be encouraging, a motivating time that reinforces an ‘I can ‘attitude and that inspires the students to move forwards, with new skills and a renewed sense of positivity.

When and where:

Date: Sunday 17th March, Time: 3-5 pm,

Location: Rodborough School Library, Rake Ln, Milford, Godalming GU8 5AB

Cost: £30

To book your place please contact:

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