Does frequently drying in between the toes stop athletes foot?

Yes,  Fungus likes to grown in warm, moist environments.   Daily application of surgical spirit with a cotton bud helps to keep the area dry and prevent future infections.

How do I get verrucas?

Verrucas are caused by the Human Papiloma virus and again like to live in moist environments so drying feet after sport is imperative.  Avoiding the sharing of bath mats, towels and shoes is also worth bearing in mind.

Does cutting a ‘V’ in the nails stop ingrown toe nails?

No!  This is an wives tale.  Keeping the sides of the nails slightly long is a good idea but a ‘V’ is not necessary.  Picking and cutting down the nails is best avoided.

Do orthotics work?

Yes.  Orthotics are customised devices worn in your shoe to control the abnormalities.  If the prescription is correct and worn in slowly as advised by your Podiatrist, then yes,  they do work.

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