Chiropractor Laura HackChiropractor Laura Hack has been busy with her camera making films to help you on your road to recovery.  They focus on stretching and helping you to achieve mobility.

These are easy to do at home and she not only describes the exercises but shows you how to do them too:

Click on the links to watch Laura demonstrate these stretches.

Neck stretches:

Thoracic (spinal) mobility featuring:

  1. Thread the needle
  2. Preacher stretch
  3. roller extensions

Lower back exercises featuring:

  1. Cat Camel
  2. Curl up
  3. Side plank
  4. Bird Dog

Laura offers FREE 15 minute chiropractic assessments as well as full sessions.  If you’d like to book an assessment or consultation with her please call our friendly Reception team on 01483 527945

click her to read more about Laura: