This September Tone took at course by a group called Syntropy, created by two inspired chiropractors who teach both adjusting skills, but more importantly emphasise the importance that the therapist look after themselves.

They encourage the chiropractors to meditate, but also teach a series of movements that they recommend the chiropractors to do each day to get stronger for their daily work, and also to get more focussed and connected before starting their working day. They believe that when the chiropractor is more present they can help the patient better.

We believe that we also need to ‘walk our talk’, so Tone meditates most mornings and  exercises every day including practising Pilates, yoga and dancing and taking her dog for walks to look after herself, in order to be better at helping her patients.

Tone also had the incredible honour of being asked to teach at the British Chiropractic autumn conference about how to communicate and connect better in our communities and now we can get more involved where we live.  She also ran a workshop with one of her colleagues from Staffordshire on how each chiropractor can create pathways for connecting in their communities.

Tone says: ‘I had such a smile on my face that day, as we had 33 chiropractors working together in groups creating completely new ideas for community outreach, and then sharing these ideas with each other at the end of the session. We could really see how the participants could see that this could be within their grasp and hopefully become a reality one day’.

Tone’s mission is that every chiropractor can find an avenue to go out and share health education in their communities in some way one day, and in doing so help people to become more aware of how they can help themselves.

Apart from this Tone also ran three workshops with wonderful coaches, Paralympian Rachel Morris and performance psychologist, Miranda Banks with the Surrey Teen Summit called: ‘How to think like and Olympian’.

Tone and Luck’s Yard children and teen coach Melissa Carter also ran a very successful study strategy session at Rodborough School, and they also had the opportunity to work with 120 girls at a roadshow for teens in March, at the 1851 trust in Portsmouth which this was incredibly inspiring.

Next year we are looking forward to moving our teen work to the new ‘Wellbeing Garden at Luck’s Yard’ community initiative, and in doing so running gardening sessions for emotional health, but also workshops on the same theme as the Surrey Teen Summit.

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