These are two common questions people are asking themselves since lockdown was announced in the UK. We are all needing to find new ways to adapt and cope with this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in!

It is easy for ministers to say that we aren’t allowed out in parks to exercise, and for those who have big gardens or woods nearby. But we don’t all have that luxury, especially if you live in a city.

Getting aerobic exercise makes a huge difference to how we cope in very stressful situations, so I would like to share some ideas and tips for how you can find ways to keep fit and well during this difficult time.

Personally, I have found so much benefit and strength being active in my garden and long daily dog walks – I think it has really helped my stress levels so far during this time.

Aerobic exercise and the brain

Can long sustained aerobic exercise help mental health? Well yes, there is much research out there that points towards this, but it does not necessarily have to be running. It is however important that we raise our pulse and get out of breath for a longer period of time.

Here is a link to one of our archived blogs written about the book, ‘Exercise, the happy pill’, by Doctor and psychiatrist Anders Hansen. Anders is a psychiatrist and a medical doctor and as such, also expert on the brain and emotions. Traditionally psychiatrist use medication to help their patients. Anders has however studied the results of what exercise does to the brain, memory, mood, learning and ageing and written a super and simple book to read. He is a strong advocate for moving our bodies more and prescribes exercise into all his patients recovery treatment. Click here to read.

Tension in the body and inner stress – how to release it

As chiropractors we see far too often how stress can affect tension in our bodies. That inspired us create our YouTube page with stretches and exercises for the whole body.

Why not have a look now and give it a try!  The Tone Chi exercises are like flow stretches and are designed to help you stretch your body and deepen and slow your breathing to reduce inner stress.

Give it a try here

Live in a flat or have a very small garden space?

The beauty of our modern world is that we have the internet! There are so many ways we can access exercise classes this way – There is something out there for everyone!

The most known famous fitness guru in the UK right now is Joe Wickes, who is doing classes weekdays at 9am, on YouTube to substitute the loss of PE classes for children. These can be done in the living room or on an outside patio.

But there are also many Yoga, Pilates and even dance classes like the one’s with Oti Mobuse every day at 11.30am on Facebook.

A simple solution would be to buy or hire a stationary bike. These are fantastic for helping you to get cardiovascular exercise if you are unable to or don’t have the outdoor space for this near you. Some people also love it as they can follow their favourite soap at the same time …😊

Another way to get cardiovascular exercise in a flat or a small garden is to borrow or buy a small rebounder. They are super easy to use, fun and simple to store as they can just be propped up against a wall or behind the sofa.  Click here  to show you the benefits of a rebounder:

There are many resources near us here in Milford to look at. Yoga Mila in Godalming has embraced online classes and they are easily booked via their website.

My Nia teacher Jo Turner runs her classes online now if anyone would like to try some fun classes that makes the whole body feel relaxed and happy afterwards. You can contact Jo via email.

I can also highly recommend one of our experienced local yoga teacher Ruth Wheeler, who offers online yoga classes. You can reach Ruth via email.

Natural health service and gardening or walking in nature

If you have a garden or an allotment, this is probably one of the best ways to stay active and fit. You get so many benefits in one go – from being outside in the fresh air, moving your body and also seeing the positive changes around you. Here is a blog we did recently about gardening.

It is fair to say that I am a huge lover of nature. That is why I co-created our community project called The Green Hub and the Wellbeing garden at Luck’s Yard. (put links in?)

Being in nature, watching the seasons, and getting away from digital media is a wonderful way to clear one’s mind and relax the body. It is free and that is why I love the phrase the Natural health service. There are studies showing that even if you live in a town but spend 20 minutes on a park bench in a part, you will benefit from it. Here is a blog that we have written on walking.

I hope you have found this article useful and that you and your families stay healthy, keep fit and destress during this difficult time.

Tone x