The Gardening Season is upon us and many will now get out and start digging after a few months of hibernation in front of the fire or television. Chiropractors see many injuries at this time of the year so, here is some advice we can offer to avoid injury and pain;

1) First of all we would like to recommend you to keep moderately fit through the year, as it helps to keep you strong and flexible in you back. Walking and swimming are excellent forms of exercises and we particularly like Pilates, as it strengthens you core muscles supporting your spine.

2) When gardening, it pays to divide your daily tasks up in three. This means that you avoid overuse injuries and keeping your back muscles working in the same position for too long. Take frequent breaks!

3) This is particularly important when you cut the hedge as this uses a long lever-arm
and can strain the muscles between the shoulder blades.

4) When pulling weeds or planting seeds, support one knee on the ground instead of two. This prevents you from leaning too far forward and straining your muscles and ligaments.

5) When lifting, digging or raking leaves, make sure that you pull your stomach muscles
in to protect your spine.

6) It is also helpful to avoid bending and twisting at the same time, when digging and throwing earth to one side.

7) Many people find it useful to swap hands when raking leaves, to even the muscle use on each side.

8) If you have to lift heavy objects, it really helps to get assistance. We see many people who thought it would be easier to lift the plant pot before getting help, only to suffer with a very sore and achy back afterward.

9) Injuries are best treated with a local ice pack for ten minutes/ once an hour (covered by a tea-towel, of course).

10) After a long day in the garden, lie down on the floor with the knees bent to 90 degrees onto a stool, to rest your muscles, ligaments and spinal joints.

Chiropractic is a form of primary health care, which is concerned with the joints, bones and muscles of the body and their effect on the nervous system.

It is primarily focused on the spine but at Luck’s Yard Clinic we treat the whole body and may just as well focus on hips, knees or feet.

We also believe in preventative exercises and have a Sports therapist working alongside us to educate you.

The Chiropractors at Luck’s Yard Clinic would be delighted to give you advice.