We are pleased to introduce our new therapist Laurie Harvey, a very experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist who helps people that struggle with overwhelming emotions, unwanted thoughts and problematic behaviour and habits.

She uses Cognitive Hypnotherapy because it’s a powerful evidence-based approach at the cutting edge of therapy and works with people experiencing a wide range of problems including:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • OCD
  • Lack of confidence and self belief
  • Public speaking and wedding nerves
  • Weight loss, eating disorders and addictions
  • Persistent pain
  • Confident childbirth

Because everyone is unique, Laurie tailors each session to suit each client’s individual needs using techniques that are specifically chosen from a wide range of the most successful modern therapies, including EMI, CBT, NLP, EFT, Psychosensory trauma reprocessing.

Laurie qualified for her Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioners Certificate and Hypnotherapist Practitioner Diploma which is externally verified by the National Council of Hypnotherapy and accredited by the NCFE.

Laurie will be working from Luck’s Yard Clinic from Wednesday 5th October and every Wednesday thereafter.

Laurie offers a free introductory consultation so that you can learn a little about each other and explore what working together might look like.

Laurie Harvey

Cognitive Hypnotherapist, HPD, DipCHyp, MNLP, MNCH

For more information and bookings please email laurie directly at: laurie@laurieharvey.co.uk