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Lucks Yard Clinic

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

The chiropractic clinic that helps you keep going …

Looking after your emotional heath

Most of us know that we need to look after our physical heath by eating healthy food and taking exercise but most of us take our emotional health for granted. We assume that we’ll naturally be emotionally well. Most people don’t realise that we have certain needs that have to be met to enable us [...]

Make sure you and your family have happy feet

It is that time of year when busy and frustrated parents have just clad all their children with school shoes, trainers, football boots, indoor shoes etc for the new school term. Buying shoes is often a difficult exercise, particularly when our children are fashion conscious and have their own ideas!  This can become a little [...]

Ten tips # 3: Cooking from scratch

The best way to make sure you’re eating healthy food is to cook it yourself from ingredients that are recognisable!  One of the reasons metabolic conditions such as obesity and type ll diabetes are prevalent is because we’ve become reliant on ultra processed foods in the form of ready meals and takeaways instead of cooking [...]

Green Hub awarded funding from Godalming Town Council

The Green Hub Project for Teens has been awarded £5000 in funding from Godalming Town Council, in their recent of review of applications. The funds awarded will be used to finance life skills workshops for teens, as well as paying for tools and materials for supporting teens in the Green Hub garden. The award of [...]

Why owning a dog is good for you…

For those of us that already own a dog, we know what joy they bring to our lives in many different ways.  They give us unconditional love and loyalty, they are our companions, our reason to get up in the morning and they make us smile every day! Research also shows that our furry four-legged [...]

Opening of Luck’s Yard Clinic

The clinic is now fully operational with all our therapists running their clinics. We would like to share with you the updated measures we have put in place to ensure we follow all the guidelines as set out by the Government. We will adapt and change measures accordingly as restrictions are changed or updated. What we have [...]

Luck’s Yard Lockdown Lifestyle

As you know, sadly the clinic has temporarily closed its doors during this lockdown period.  These are unprecedented times, where we are all earning to adapt to a new lifestyle. So what have the therapists from Luck's Yard Clinic been up to? How are they coping?  Here is glimpse into their lives which we hope [...]

Mind Your Posture: DIY during lockdown

Don’t bite off more than you can chew! We are a nation of DIY enthusiasts; we rush to get to grips with our latest home improvement project at every opportunity and during this time of lockdown we have more time on our hands and are looking to get all those outstanding jobs done on our [...]

Wild Garlic foraging and tasty recipes

What's that lovely aroma you smell when you are walking this Spring? Good news….It's wild garlic season! Wild garlic (also known as Bear Leek or Bear’s garlic, Buckrams, Ramsons or wood garlic) is native to Britain and is one of a several plant species whose presence indicates that a wood is ancient. Traditionally used in [...]

Keep fit and destress during lockdown

These are two common questions people are asking themselves since lockdown was announced in the UK. We are all needing to find new ways to adapt and cope with this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in! It is easy for ministers to say that we aren’t allowed out in parks to exercise, and for those [...]

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