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Acupuncture Tips for the Autumn/Winter

Our Acupuncturist, Becky Hale, has some wise tips on how to look after yourself this Autumn and Winter. It's at this transitional time of year that many individuals are vulnerable to picking up viruses so follow Becky's tips to keep you in tip top condition! What makes you cold Eating too many raw and cold [...]

Massage Therapies – free 15 minutes

Our Holistic Therapist Alero Jenkins is offering free 15 minute appointments at Luck’s Yard so patients can learn more about the therapies she offers at the clinic. She would love to take this opportunity to have a chat and give you more information about Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian head Massage, Hot Stones and Holistic facials and [...]

School day breakfasts

With the start of the new school term looming one of the things that can really help your child to learn and focus is getting them to eat something for breakfast and I’m not talking about a packet of crisps and fizzy drink bought on the way to school! Why is breakfast important? Children’s brains [...]

Planting for Bees

Planting with pollinators in mind As part of Luck Yard’s sustainability focus in 2019, Tone asked me to write a short piece about the importance of gardening - not only for the positive effects of the activity for ourselves (see more about Luck Yard’s gardening for mental well-being programme here: https://www.lucksyardclinic.com/lucks-yard-wellbeing-garden/), but for the positive [...]

Holidays – Scandi style

The value of having a longer break the Scandinavian way….. As a chiropractor I treat people on a daily basis who often are exhausted and overwhelmed.  They work very hard and don’t always allow themselves the right to have a break.  They often say ‘I have not had a holiday in years and it is [...]

School shoes

We are fast approaching the start of the new school year, and as parents we are all making frantic preparations so our children have everything that they need for the start of term. Buying shoes is often the less pleasurable aspect of this, particularly when our children are fashion conscious and have their own ideas!  [...]

Do you know your Psoas?

The psoas muscle is one of the most fascinating muscles in our body. The muscle can both help to balance the body, keep an upright posture and prevent stiffness in the back and hips. The psoas is commonly known as hip flexor and as it is such a centrally placed muscle on each side, it [...]

How to look after your brain

“A healthy brain is fundamental to our creativity, compassion and courage.” Melissa Carter has some succinct but useful advice on how to look after our brains.  Small changes can make such a difference to our mental and physical health and she has a good book recommendation too: Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon by Rahul [...]

Growing pains

"Growing pains" (GrP) is a condition most healthcare professionals have heard but few have a good understanding of, with even less knowledge about the best treatments available. Nic Langlois, one of the chirpractors at Luck's Yard has written an article on Growing Pains along with a colleague which appears in a magazine published by the International Council [...]

Fill up (and refill) at Yard Market in Godalming

As part of our sustainability initiative we have great news that you can now stock up on all sorts of goodies using your own containers at the Yard Market in Godalming. Yard Market is a unique space for independent producers and is found just off the High Street next to Hamptons estate agents.  They have [...]

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