Top ten tips for a great ski boot fit

Booked to go skiing this year?  Here is some podiatry advice to help ensure you have the right ski boots to make your skiing holiday a success.

There are SO many different shapes and sizes of feet but only a small number ski boot brands, hence boot fitting can be a challenge.  Proper ski boot fitting is essential for your comfort and performance.

Let us help….

1. If you are buying a new pair – Choose a reputable ski shop and allow plenty of time.
Don’t rush! Allow one to two hours.

2. The right size, shape and volume matter more than colour, style or latest brand!
Focus on how it feels. Ski boots are designed to be worn at your actual size and may feel tight at first, this is perfectly normal, good even!

3. Biomechanics and weight are just as important as ability.
Some people need stiffer boots than their ability and some need softer. The boot should support and work with you.

4. A good fitting boot should be comfortably snug and not sloppy.
When standing up tall in your boots, your toes should just touch the end, but when you flex forward in the skiing position with pressure on your shins, you should be able to wiggle your toes. The heel should not slip or move from side to side or forward and back inside the boot.

5. New boots have padded liners that will support your feet and insulate.
Wear a thin ski sock when you try on boots. Thick socks will only make the boot tighter. Seek advice regarding ski socks.

6. New Ski boots are normally designed to be modified to accommodate the lumps and bumps you may have on your feet, but you should not feel any lumps or bumps in the boot!

7. Qualified staff should have the knowledge and tools to stretch and grind plastic shells and transform inners of boots and alter angles and flex.

8. Whether buying or renting your boots, do give yourself an honest 10-15 min stretch at the end of your fitting just to make sure they are comfortable!

9. If you are an orthotic wearer, don’t forget to take them to the fitting. And if you feel you need more support in your ski boots do get in touch with the ‘ Yvette Mann Podiatry‘ team here at Luck’s yard clinic.

10. And a final tip…..Happy skiing!

By Yvette Mann