This week is BackCare Awareness week – a subject close to our hearts here at Luck’s Yard Clinic.

It seems that 30 million of us will suffer some form of back pain this year alone costing our stretched UK economy £37million a day with about 1% of the working population off sick due to back pain every day.

BackCare, the charity for healthier backs, has published research highlighting various issues around back pain – one of them being that tension and worrying can have a huge impact on back pain.

‘Acute pain is an important indicator of tissue damage,’ says Dr Adam Al-Kashi of BackCare, ‘but once the pain becomes chronic, while it feels identical it’s actually driven in a completely different way by the central nervous system, via the mind.  He would like to see more emphasis being placed on strengthening the body through exercises especially core strength and stretching.

At Luck’s Yard we feel that taking control of your own health can have a big impact on how you respond to treatment.  All the chiropractors here can devise a programme of strength exercises for you to do at home to support the work they do.  Feeling that you are doing something positive to help yourself can improve your outcome and aid a quicker recovery.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help yourself manage chronic pain, call us on 0148 527945.

To read more about BackCare and their research, click on the following link: