The Wellbeing Garden at Luck’s Yard is a therapy garden initiative, based in Milford Surrey. Our aim is to promote the wellbeing of teenagers’ mental health in the sanctuary of a secluded walled garden behind Luck’s Yard Clinic.

The project is the inspired idea of Tone Tellefsen Hughes who owns Luck’s Yard Chiropractic Clinic.  Community is at the very heart of all Tone’s work from treating patients in clinic, promoting wellbeing at chiropractic conferences, to being a motivational speaker for teen mental health as well as a passionate advocate for getting outdoors and connecting with the natural world.

Behind Luck’s Yard is a protected and beautiful walled garden that initially Tone thought would offer a fresh space for her staff to take time out and relax between appointments and use for staff meetings.

As the rent was re-negotiated, and the garden secured, Tone extended her thoughts to how others in the community could also enjoy this peaceful retreat. And this is when the idea of the wellbeing therapy garden to support teenagers with mental health issues was born.

The initial co-creators consist of gardeners, therapists, GPs and chiropractors. However, the teenagers will help to design, build and cultivate the garden.  Alongside the growth of the flora and fauna, they will learn new skills, be part of the decision-making and creative processes, whilst connecting with others.  They will genuinely be getting back to nature and experiencing a ‘brain break’ from the high pressured world of social media and digital distraction.

The Wellbeing Garden will be a haven for the young people who spend time there, a calm, safe place where they can be themselves and receive guidance to help them grow through difficult times and learn how to nurture a healthy and well life.

Mental health issues affect around 1 in 10 young people and children. It is well known that spending time in green spaces and bringing nature into everyday life positively transforms mental and physical wellbeing.

There is enormous interest in our project and we are completely blown away by people wanting to volunteer, donate and just help out in general.  We are incredibly fortunate to have been approved by our Primary Care Trust and will receive the full support of our GP practices and their extended NHS health and wellbeing teams.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our local community and to everybody who has made donations – do keep them coming! Every seed holds the promise of a healthy life.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of our Wellbeing Garden, on our website and Facebook posts.

If you would like to help in any way please contact Maxine McArthur at