Making the patient the co-producer of their health – a new paradigm in health care

Recent healthcare research by Professor Angela Coulter has found that it is vital for patients and citizens to play a more active role in their health care. The old, authorative form of health care which also is called “paternalism” has been proven to create a dependency, making patients more passive and it discourages patients from taking a healthy role in their health care.

It has been found through numerous studies that increased knowledge will empower patients and help them make better informed choices as well as being more likely to adhere to their choice of health care.

Patient centred health care, where you can discuss your options and progress with your health care provider has been proven to improve the whole care process.  This is what is being recommended in the NHS today.

At Luck’s Yard we firmly believe and embrace patient centred health care.  We feel that although we have the skills and expertise to assess our patients and offer a diagnosis, it is with you as a patient we make the decisions of how to proceed.  We feel that you are the driver or your journey and we are there to guide you on the way.  We feel that you take better ownership of your health management if you are part of the decision making whether is about regular preventative care of acute emergency care.

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