Could you donate a teddy or soft toy for a Ukrainian child?

We are supporting an initiative that aims to give a soft toy – either pre- loved or brand new – to Ukrainian children who have had to leave their homeland and possessions and everything they know behind.

It would be so lovely to be able to give a child some comfort in these frightening times.

The aim of the organisers is to bring a little joy to children and give support to those whose lives have been so affected in the hope that better days are ahead.

A toy that was loved by our children can be loved again by those who have lost everything.

If you like please attach a personalised message of hope (eg a travel tag) with your Teddy to help children understand that they are not alone and there is hope in every Bear.  You could add your name and the story of your soft toy.  On the back of the tag please include:

Follow us on FACEBOOK @wecareshareabear or where you can find updates on the bears’ journey, latest collection points etc.


 Please give your donated clean, pre-loved or new Bear / Soft Toy to:

 Luck’s Yard Clinic, Portsmouth Road, Milford, Surrey