It’s time to get your salad spinner out and start munching on lettuce and vegetables!

New research from King’s College shows that eating salads dressed with olive oil, nuts or avocado can help reduce blood pressure.

They have discovered that the mix of lettuce and monounsatured fats found in olive oil causes a reaction in the stomach which creates ‘nitro fatty acids’ which react with an enzyme to lower blood pressure (BP).  High BP can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes and is increasingly lined to other degenerative conditions such as dementia.

This research may do some way towards explaining why the Mediterranean diet is good for us especially when it comes to heart disease.

Philip Eaton, a researcher from King’s said: ‘The findings of our study help explain why previous research has shown that a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil, or nuts can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems like stroke, heart failure and heart attacks.’