Spring is here and Easter is around the corner.  We are pulling out lighter, cooler clothing and also quite probably our softer spring/summer shoes.  This is an ideal time to sort through our everyday shoes.  Ensure the soles are intact and heels are even and, if not, a visit to the cobblers might be a good idea.

It is generally a myth that soft or backless shoes are good for your feet.  If this type of shoe is worn too regularly, it can ask your feet to work too hard, causing clawing of the toes, corns, callus and general aching of the legs.  Do try and wear a shoe with a firm heel cup and a fastener of some sort, or at least a slip-on with a high upper supporting the mid foot.  Cushioning soles are also advisable to prevent too much friction.

Routine chiropody treatment to remove corns, callus and any painful lesions will definitely help to keep a spring in your step.  For advice on foot care, chiropody treatment or any biomechanical advice, please contact the podiatry team for an appointment and we would be happy to help.