Jasmine Latimer shares her tips on mindfulness:

Being ‘mindful’, means to live a moment in time with our entire being: thoughts, emotions and body. By being mindful we are able to appreciate and enjoy all that life has to offer. Studies have shown that individuals who practice being mindful are happier and healthier!

Start living a fuller life by taking as little as 5 minutes out of your day with the help of the tips below:

  1. Take a moment to be still: Whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down, try not to move. Focus instead on your newfound stillness and you’ll be surprised how your awareness is transferred all over your body and surroundings. Your sense of hearing or smell may intensify. The beating of your heart may intensify along with the rising of your lungs. Regardless, what you are feeling, this moment will not be lost!
  2. Write by hand: Whether writing a journal, jotting down thoughts or writing a letter to a friend write it by hand. Taking the time to write by hand helps to create a more intimate moment while incorporating several parts of your brain.
  3. Take time to be in nature: Studies have shown that spending time in nature makes one feel more alive! The weather, time or activity does not matter – just be there!
  4. Focus on the task at hand: Try to wash the dishes, brush your teeth or eat with nothing else on your mind but the very task you are doing. You may find that more flavours come alive, that chores become satisfying, and moments of calm and peace exist.
  5. Give and receive the gift of love through touch: Hug your spouse a little longer, sit with your child so that your legs or feet touch, pet or stroke an animal. Reaching out physically to the living is a gift that making living worthwhile.
  6. Wake with something to be grateful for: Take nothing for granted. Take a moment to make a mental note of something in your life that you are grateful for. By taking a moment to come up with one thing, you will find yourself naturally being grateful for many more things.
  7. Go to bed with something grateful that happened that day: Go to bed feeling blessed and take time to appreciate your gift of the day. Nothing is too big or too small.
  8. Keep moving: Walk, dance, do yoga or tai chi. Connect your mind and body in fluid movement! Studies have shown that keeping moving supports mindfulness in that the body and brain unite with your surround.
  9. Meditate: This takes many forms. One can pray, chant, focus on a photo or idea… This ancient practice has continued throughout time for the very reason that it only yields amazing side effects.
  10. Be aware of your posture. Good posture may take time but it has positive effects that start immediately. With good posture comes moments of recognition that your body is working properly mechanically.