Cathy Taylor’s Power of 10 tips for Easy Daily Yoga practice:

  1. Create a calm and clutter-free space for your yoga mat.
  2. Best time for a quick practice is first thing in the morning (before you eat & before anything else distracts you). Set your alarm just 10-20mins before the rest of your household arises.
  3. Find a comfortable seated position or lie down and simply tune in to your breath.
  4. Take 10 slow, deep breaths.
  5. Come to standing at the front of your mat ready for Sun Salutation A. Inhale, reach arms up and exhale to fold (nose towards knees).
  6. Inhale, look forwards and lengthen spine, exhale, step or jump back to plank.
  7. Lower the whole body down to mat, inhale, lift upper body only off mat, gently pushing through arms.
  8. Exhale, lift hips high into downward dog, stretch & lengthen back, encourage heels to mat. Breathe here for up to 5 breaths.
  9. Inhale, step or jump to front of mat and look forwards lengthening spine again. Exhale fold (nose towards knees again). Inhale slowly stand up & reach for ceiling. Exhale relax with arms by side.
  10. Repeat up to 5 times depending on time allowance. Drink a big glass of water. I promise your day will flow more smoothly hereafter….