A helping hand to make children move better!

Does your child have difficulty with walking, running or tripping over? Do they suffer with leg pains after sports day or back pain from sitting too long? Your child may benefit by seeing a podiatrist to get advice with chat kind of shoes to wear.

At Luck’s Yard Podiatry clinic managed by Yvette Mann, we may see toddlers who are two years old , struggling with climbing up stairs and on furniture. When they walk, they may rotate their whole leg in or just turn their foot in ward. This may  affect their gait and make them fall over easily. They may find it hard to walk for any distance. When they do run,they may be using their whole bodies and arms trying to create a balance. These children often shy away from situations such a tumble tot’s, as they might be worried of falling and hurting themselves.


They may get get leg pains too, especially after PE in School.


Podiatry focuses on the alignment of the lower limbs such as the hips, knees and feet. We see children as young as 18-24 months and can either advice on proper footwear and exercises or treat them by issuing insoles. The emphasis is on prevention and helping the child to move well in all situations.


How do I know if my child needs to see a Podiatrist?


Here is a quick postural scan to do a home:


Stand your child with their back to you:


  1. Is the head looking straight and held upright?
  2. Are the shoulders and shoulder blades even?
  3. Are the hip and pelvic bones even?
  4. The feet should be pointing forward and the knees evenly positioned.


Stand your child side ways:


Imagine a plumb line going from the ear to the ankles.The plumb line should go through the ears, shoulders, hips, knees and feet.


  1. Is the head and neck too far forward?
  2. Are the feet too far back or in front?
  3. Does the lower back curve in or out noticeably?


If you would like to know more about Podiatry, please don’t hesistate to contact Yvette Mann  at the clinic on 01483-527945