Orthotics are casted foot devices that simply slip into your daily shoes.  Their aim is to help realign the lower limb and to redistribute pressure more evenly.  They are very helpful for complaints such as heel pain, metatarsalgia, back, hip and general postural problems.

All age groups can benefit from orthotics.  Normally, a 30-minute mini biomechanical assessment is carried out first – where angles of hip, knee and ankle mobility are taken, and muscle tests are carried out.  This will establish whether orthotics are indeed necessary, or if more standard insoles, exercises and shoe advice is enough.  If orthotics are deemed necessary, then normally a further 1½ hour assessment is booked, to include a cast of the feet.  Orthotics are fitted three to four weeks later and reassessed for comfort and effectiveness three weeks after that.

Our package of care allows us to follow your progress and leaves you feeling reassured that we are very approachable should there be any concerns.

Please contact the Podiatry team with any further queries.