As you may know Luck’s Yard already provides paediatric occupational therapy, chiropractic, podiatry for all ages, and counselling for patients from the age of 12 through to adults.
As of July we are proud to share a new service called ‘Kids Coaching’.

Melissa Carter aka ‘Coach Carter’, is joining our team to coach children and teens. I have know Melissa for 11 years in her role as a headmistress of an Ofsted rated independent school, and she now is focusing on helping children and teens on an individual basis.We are so excited to welcome Melissa to our team and know that she will help so many children with improving their inner confidence and self belief.

We are acting on the incredible demand for mental health services and wellbeing for young people and are so happy we now can offer more support in this area.  We firmly believe that finding inner balance is essential for learning and personal development.There are too many stressed children and teenagers in our community and we feel that finding a safe and trusted therapist can be pivotal for emotional resilience as well as enabling young people to achieve success and happiness in their education and social lives.

Melissa will be working initially on Tuesday afternoons and evenings from the clinic.

Call Reception on 01483 527945 for more information.