Cathy Taylor, our new massage therapist, also teaches Yoga and has new classes here in Milford.

She teaches Ashtanga Vinyosa Yoga which she describes as a ‘flowing and active class, using breath with movement to tone, strengthen, invigorate, stretch and relax’.

Her classes are suitable for all abilities and you can ‘drop in and try out’ for only £10.

The classes take place at Rodborough School in Milford in Room 801 and commence on September 2nd 2013.

If you have any questions or would like to join the class, contact Cathy on 07790 775312 or email her at:

Postural advice handouts

As you know, we strongly believe in supporting all our patients after they leave the clinic so to that end you can now download our postural advice tips to help you at home.  Please click on the links to download them:

Postural Advice for sitting

Postural Advice for sleeping

Postural Advice for lifting

Postural Advice for standing

Postural Advice for standing straight

Postural advice for reaching safely

Postural Advice for getting in and out of bed