As you know, sadly the clinic has temporarily closed its doors during this lockdown period.  These are unprecedented times, where we are all earning to adapt to a new lifestyle. So what have the therapists from Luck’s Yard Clinic been up to? How are they coping?  Here is glimpse into their lives which we hope may inspire you….

Pippa Kilsby – Podiatrist

I am the first one to admit that I felt like I was running at 100mph before lockdown.  When Boris announced our restrictions on that Monday night in March, and I realised that I couldn’t work during the week or go competitive sailing at the weekend (which I do all the time) I’ll admit that I was pretty panicky.  However, as the days passed, I came to realise more and more that I am actually very lucky.  I live with my husband in the middle of the Surrey Hills with miles upon miles of gorgeous footpaths and bridleways to explore on foot or on two wheels.  I am a little ashamed to say that after living in our house for 5 years, we have literally only just realised that our garden is a sun trap.  Taking 5 years to know that is absolutely absurd!  So for me, lockdown has taught me to slow down, explore and love where you live, get the gardening gloves on, grow courgettes, go for a run but stop to appreciate nature, and enjoy the little things in life.  Whilst I miss working, helping patients, sailing and spending time with my wonderful friends and family, my silver lining is that I really hope I take some of this ‘return to simplicity’ forward when normality returns.

Melissa Carter – Family Life Coach

What have I been up to over the past weeks?  The first week of being at home was rather chaotic, so taking back healthy control of what we could control definitely helped.   We sat the family down for a “sofa talk” and honestly spoke about corona virus, “lock down” and being told that we had to stay at home and Papa had to stay at his home – and so did all our friends and colleagues.  We came up with suggestions and ideas about how we would look after ourselves, each other and our family and neighbours – how we would get on and do our own work and how the values of independence and respect were essential.

We chose to make the best of what we could control, to be compassionate, to be creative and to be courageous. We have loved watching the sunset.  Our new vegetable patches are a huge source of delight – “look, Mumma! We are helping them grow!”  I have shared several Zoom “Happy Hours” with friends.  We have a social distancing Neighbourhood Gang ‘Clap & Tipple on NHS Thursday’ – this week, as it is raining, we are holding ‘Clap & Quiz Night on Zoom!’  There have also been fall-outs, dramas, illness, tears and tantrums. In this ‘new normal’, there is still ‘old normal’ – hurrah for gin and tonic! I am grateful that my work smoothly transitioned to online. I am busy providing Life and Emotional Coaching to children, teens and families.  Now more than ever, I am reminded why the healthy emotional wellbeing our children is vital for their futures.   Take care, stay safe and see you all soon!

Alero Jenkins – Massage Therapist

Today was the 36th day of lockdown due to Corona virus 19, I’ve spent at home with my family. I have a husband Stephen and two daughters aged 21 and 18.5 years. My eldest is just finishing University and doing final work/exams. That will end her three years at Exeter a bit of “puff” rather than a “bang” as she wished! No graduation or parties but I have a healthy young adult at home, hopefully ready to start the next stage of her life.

My youngest is working at Haslemere hospital as an assistant Occupational therapist, she wasn’t expecting to be involved in this health situation when she started the job in December.

This is her year off, She hasn’t complained and I’m proud of the care she shows the patients. Although she’s missed her trip to East Asia. She now plans to study this at University in September. I’m trying to do some meditation and use some counselling skills to support myself, the girls and Steve, as its not been easy all being together a lot more than usual! Hopefully were all learning to live together again. I teach locally, so with a new term I have prepared work and given some feedback to my students. I’ve had time to relax, think and start some ideas for the future. I so miss being with people, my friends, family and patients. I hope to see you very soon.

Sending a little light cheer from Yvette Mann and the Podiatry team

A Silver lining of being in shut down is that the three of us are fitter than ever! Katherine and I are taking part in Joe Wicks sessions every morning with our kids enjoying his fancy dress outfits on a Friday! Pippa has been cycling and running miles every day with her husband and if we don’t watch out, she may decide to go professional!! Enjoy the little things in life! – While home learning, decluttering, painting, and gardening remember how lucky we all are just to be together. We will all see you very soon.!!

Katherine Thompson – Podiatry team

I’m learning how to be a full time Mummy, something I’ve never done before.  I absolutely love it.  I’m fitter mentally and physically than I’ve ever been and really, really happy xxx

Tone Tellefson Hughes

After working as a chiropractor for 28 years and running Luck’s Yard for 13, it was such a shock to have to close the practice. I hated letting my staff go and our wonderful therapists. The first two weeks was in a haze, like so many of my friends, there was no routine and no motivation. Very surreal.

Now we have decided we have been given the gift of time. Six months ago, my eternally uber-busy husband complained that he needed three months off… well now he has got it.

We have enjoyed two hours hikes every morning with the dog and having lunch and dinner together as a family. Doing a quiz after dinner, shopping for the in-laws, digging vegetable patches and clapping with the neighbours on Thursdays. Taking longer during meals to really talk and listen.

We might never get this chance again and with two teenagers, I am intending to appreciate this unprecedented time with them. Hearing the birds on the front drive being louder than the cars, and the cuckoo this week has also been precious.  WE MISS YOU!!!