‘Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford has been a collection point for our local food bank for several years now’ says clinic owner Tone Tellefsen Hughes, ‘but due to Covid restrictions we sadly cannot use the clinic as a drop-off point for donations this year’.

‘So we have chosen to support The Godalming and Villages Community Coronavirus Assistance, connected to the local foodbank and community store’.

Two Rotary Clubs in Godalming have set up Rotary’s Waverley Covid Support Fund to provide support to those in need in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis in the area covered by Waverley Borough Council.  They are working with various other agencies throughout Waverley so that financial support is provided along with practical advice to those in need at this time.

The team at Luck’s Yard Clinic and the Green Hub are keen to find a way to support those families in need in and around Godalming, and therefore came up with the idea of helping yourself whilst helping others.

We have arranged a bonus for you when you donate to this worthwhile cause by teaming up with Personal Trainer, International Karate Champion and Officer in the British Army, Alexandra Merisoiu to give you a perfect family fitness gift this Christmas.

When you donate via the Rotary Club JustGiving page you will receive a fantastic step-by-step running guide created by Alexandra. She will show will you how to run mindfully, effectively and safely. By giving to others you are also giving yourself the gift of fitness (or, if running is not your thing, you could gift this to someone who might enjoy it too.)

The guide includes:

  • A step by step programme showing you how to start running safely, mindfully and effortlessly.
  • Learn how to avoid injuries by understanding how each part of your body connects to your running.
  • Learn how to run for longer using mindfulness techniques to physical and mental endurance.

Before Alexandra joined the Army she trained runners outdoors so they could enjoy the beautiful woodlands and get fitter and stronger in and with nature.

Tone says ‘It is always our intention to help people move better and with less pain, so we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to motivate more people to get outside and find a fun and constructive way to increase their fitness. Accessing Alexandra’s programme using mindfulness to achieve your goals will not only benefit you but will also help more local families get food on their table this Christmas’.

Donate here: https://www.lucksyardclinic.com/rotarys-waverley-covid-support-fund/