Many of us have increased the amount of walking we do during the various lockdowns which is a great way to exercise and keep our bodies moving.  But we often don’t think to stretch our legs after a walk and lower limb stretches are so important to preventing and managing our lower limb complaints.

Yvette has made a short film demonstrating lower limb stretches and below are some recommended stretches from Yvette Mann podiatry and associates to help you in your recovery journey.

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In these photos, Yvette is demonstrating stretches for the gastrocnemius – the main muscle in the calf, the hamstrings – the thigh muscles in between the hip and the knee which can be susceptible to injury and the soleus – the lower calf muscle that flexes the foot to point the toes downwards.

hamstring stretch

hamstring stretch

Gastrocnemius stretch using a stretch board

soleus stretch

gastrocnemius stretch