Since lockdown  it has been interesting to see what kind of complaints people are attending the clinic for.  The most common has been ‘lockdown neck’ due to so many now working or studying from home (link)  which we wrote about in an earlier blog. We are also now seeing many patients with new leg complaints.

With the closure of gyms, exercise studios and swimming pools many have now taken to the country paths to start walking and hiking for as a new alternative.

We are so lucky in Surrey that we have an abundance of many beautiful walking paths and hills and it is so positive to see many people making new health commitments to themselves and their fitness.

However, there can be downside: we are now seeing patients presenting with new lower leg, hip and back complaints so we thought it timely to share with you how the Chiropractic and Podiatry teams treat and assess these complaints at the Luck’s Yard.

The Chiropractic assessment 

The first thing we do is to enquire when the symptoms started and how it occurred. Did it happen suddenly, was there an injury or did it happen over a period of time? How far did they walk, and what footwear did they use. Did they stretch and warm up before and after?

We then assess the patient

When the patient stands up, we look at the balance of each leg and foot as well as the position of the heel, ankle and the arches of the feet.

We also look at the alignment of the legs and hips, and if one leg is positioned more forward than the other, or if there is a pelvic tilt or leg length difference.

After this we do our mechanical assessment of the individual joints and look at how all the joints of the foot, ankle, heel, arches and the knee and hip move.

This can help us assess if this is a purely mechanical imbalance or if the patient needs more structural help from the Podiatry team.

If it is mainly mechanical we proceed with mobilisation and adjustment techniques to improve joint mobility and function.

We also address the muscle balance of the feet, legs and hips with soft tissue techniques such as massage, trigger point and stretching.

Luck’s Yard Clinic App

We have a dedicated clinic app with stretches and exercises for the whole body. One section is for the legs and we have both exercises for the feet, hips and the legs.

After being assessed, examined and treated we generally prescribe exercises for our patients which include whole-body exercises that can easily be incorporated into daily life.

This has proved beneficial for so many and as the app can be downloaded to phone or tablet so can be accessed wherever you are.

What happens If a patient is sent to Yvette Mann Podiatry team for a mechanical assessment:

One of our very competent podiatrists will spend 30 minutes carrying out a mini biomechanical assessment determining how your complaints may be caused by the way you are walking . This will involve looking at past history, sporting history and assessing general lower limb mechanics non-weight bearing and weight bearing.

This assessment will help to decide whether insoles or custom made orthotics will help.

Off the shelf insoles can then be ordered and altered as deemed necessary or a full biomechanical assessment may be needed which includes a casting of your feet so a bespoke orthotic can be made.

If needed, suitable supports in the shoes as well as stretches and footwear advice will compliment any treatment that you may be receiving at Luck’s Yard to either remedy or reduce your particular complaints .

We look forward to seeing you.

For bookings please ring 01483 310298 or for further information please email