“Straighten up UK” is a European Chiropractic campaign aiming to improve the nations posture and to help in preventing back pain by promoting balance, strength and flexibility of the spine.
The incident of back pain and back discomfort is increasing. It is estimated that up to four out of five people (80%) will experience back pain lasting more than a day at some time in their lives.

Individuals of all ages are experiencing this and much of the problem is related to poor posture. As a nation we live “stop/start lifestyles; dashing about one minute, full of stress and time pressure and then subject ourselves to long periods of sedentary behaviour such as driving, watching TV or playing on the computer.

Every year back pain results in billions of pounds of losses due to lost days at work, sickness benefit payments; not to mention the reduction in people’s quality of life.

Local Chiropractors Tone Tellefsen Hughes of Lucks Yard Clinic and Wayne Chester Davis of Godalming Chiropractic clinic, therefore decided to pay Milford infant School a visit to talk about posture and exercise as a life long prevention of back pain.. They also did an exercise programme with the whole School to show how easily you can improve the mobility of the spine and improve posture as well as breathing.

Mrs. Griffiths, head teacher at Milford infant School believes firmly in an active life style for the children. She has therefore implemented an exercise programme called “Wake and shake” which is done every day after assembly. It’s been such a success and the children just love it says Mrs. Griffiths, In the short time since starting, they are already able to do more complicated moves and steps.

During Chiropractic awareness week Tone Tellefsen Hughes will also visit Milford day centre on the 15th of April to talk about how exercise and good posture can improve aches and pains.