We have been listening to an interesting podcast by Michael Mosley called Just one thing.  Each episode lasts 15 minutes and Michael discusses one action that we can take to improve our health – with some surprising ideas and interesting results.  He invites a guest to have a go at adopting his ‘one thing’ and checks in with them to see how they get along over a period of a week.  He has been doing this for some time so his ‘one thing’ has now evolved into multiple things but he concentrates on easy to achieve targets which hopefully will become habits.

As the focus of our April newsletter is Stress Awareness we have gone back over his podcasts and had a look at what he suggests we can do to help manage our stress. These are just a few of his recommendations:

You can go onto BBC Sounds and search for Just one thing to see what else he has to offer for different health goals and he has now written a book called (you guessed it!) Just one Thing – available from all the usual outlets.

We will also be spreading the word on our social media channels and focussing on things that we think may particularly resonate with our patients.