Interactive teen workshops coming your way

Do you have teenagers in your house who are preparing for exams this year? Are they feeling frustrated as they are not finding their motivation? Lots of slamming of doors? Being told that you are the spawn of evil and are making their lives miserable? (That last one was an addition made by my 16 year old daughter as she thought it was fitting.)

Well don’t worry! You are definitely not alone, and it can be really tough. But please remember that it is really tough for them too. Stress is becoming more and more common now with the new education system and it is not helping their self-confidence, as their hard work is now mainly being presented to them in numbers on a piece of paper. This can be really challenging for teens, as they don’t find as much satisfaction or pleasure in their work anymore, which can lead to procrastination, avoidance tactics and lack of sleep to mention just a few.

We are a group of professionals in Surrey who came together in 2015 to create workshops for teenagers and young people in all areas of life. We have run workshops on yoga, mindfulness, individual leadership, creativity, self-confidence and many more. The teens have loved them and our feedback form are showing the need for this kind of work.

This time we decided we needed to help students who are facing exams shortly, or within the next few years. We HAVE to help them find their own motivation! We NEED to encourage them to become leaders of their own learning journey, and we MUST guide them, to more easily navigate the educational system in order to gain more confidence in themselves and achieve their own success in learning.

So on Saturday the 4th November and 13th January we have invited professional coaches in education to come and help us create a fabulous creative and interactive study strategy system for teens and students to become experts on how they can learn in the most efficient way! Why would you want to miss this amazing opportunity to find out how you can be your best, and get the most out of your learning?

Please share this with anyone you know who have teenagers and adolescents with exams looming in the future. Let’s help the leaders of our future be less stressed and have a better emotional anchor!

Tone was interviewed about her work with teens for World Mental Health Day and you can read her article here:

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