We hope to come back from our annual holidays feeling relaxed and rested and ready to take on new challenges.

But the reality is sometime the opposite!   The stress of organising a holiday along with packing and getting to your destination is enough to cause tension in the neck and back and induce headaches.

Long delays in travelling, hours sitting in a car or uncomfortable flights can leave us with aches and pains that we could really do without.

A simple sequence of stretches and exercises can be enough to relieve tension and ensure those niggly aches and pains don’t develop into a more chronic condition.

Tone’s stretch videos are easy to follow and can be practiced just about anywhere – in the car, waiting in queues, at the airport, on the beach or beside the pool!

Click on the following link for effective and gentle exercises to relieve tired and aching neck muscles:


If travelling has left you suffering with jaw ache, grinding your teeth or jaw or waking with pain in your lower face and neck, this set of exercises help relax the jaw and ease tension in the face muscles.


Sitting for hours in the car or flying can leave you with lower back pain that can really impact on your holiday.  This 90 second workout with simple, gentle exercises for the lower back and trunk that can be done whilst sitting. The aim is to improve flexibility and strength.

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Tone and Daniela have made lots of fun and informative YouTube films for you to help with posture tips whilst driving, getting out of bed, standing etc.

Check them out here: